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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Identifikace parametrů multikompartmentového modelu jaterní perfúzeBrašnová, Jaroslava; Rohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2018Mixing algorithms for fixed-point iterations in self-consistent electronic structure calculationsNovák, Matyáš; Cimrman, Robert; Lukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard; Vackář, Jiří
2007Modeling wave dispersion and band gaps in heterogeneous elastic mediaRohan, Eduard; Seifrt, František
2007Modelling of acoustic transmission through perforated layerLukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard
2021Modelling of acoustic waves in homogenized fluid-saturated deforming poroelastic periodic structures under permanent flowRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert; Naili, Salah
2018Modelování perfúze na perfúzního CT vyšetření jaterBrašnová, Jaroslava; Rohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2016Multi-kompartmentový model perfúze jater a identifikace jeho parametrůBrašnová, Jaroslava; Rohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2019Multiscale finite element calculations in Python using SfePyCimrman, Robert; Lukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard
2019Multiscale modelling of liver perfusionRohan, Eduard; Turjanicová, Jana; Lukeš, Vladimír
2020Numerical modelling of waves in double-porosity Biot mediumRohan, Eduard; Nguyen, Vu-Hieu; Naili, Salah
2018Numerical simulation of quasi-static model of ionic transport through deformable porous mediaTurjanicová, Jana; Rohan, Eduard
2010On acoustic band gaps in homogenized piezoelectric phononic materialsRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert
2007On shape optimization of conduits with incompressible flowCimrman, Robert; Rohan, Eduard
2018Optimization of perforated plates in interaction with acoustic wavesLukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard
2009Orientation of smooth muscle cells with application in mechanical model of gastropod tissueKochová, Petra; Cimrman, Robert; Rohan, Eduard
2012Permeabilita porézních materiálů a její citlivostní analýzaRezek, Martin; Lukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard
2009Sensitivity analysis for the optimal perforation problem in acoustic transmissionRohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2009Three-phase phononic materialsCimrman, Robert; Rohan, Eduard
2014Three-scale model of single bone osteon modelled as double-porous fluid saturated body: Study of influence of micro/meso-structureTurjanicová, Jana; Rohan, Eduard; Naili, Salah
2008Tracking optimization for propagation of electromagnetic waves for multiple wavelengthsSeifrt, František; Leugering, Günter; Rohan, Eduard