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Kanaya, Takayuki , Taniguchi, Tomoaki , Teshima, Yuji , Nishio, Koji , Kobori, Kenichi
A Method for Storing Clustering Information of Model Simplification in GPUs

Foulds, H. , Drevin, G. R.
Three-dimensional shape descriptors and matching procedures

Elzobi, Moftah , Al-Hamadi, Ayoub , Al Aghbari, Zaher
Off-line Handwritten Arabic Words Segmentation Based on Structural Features and Connected Components Analysis

Cardwell, Oliver , Mukundan, Ramakrishnan
Visualization and Analysis of Inverse Kinematics Algorithms Using Performance Metric Maps

González, M. J. , Lucena, M. , Fuertes, J. M. , Segura, R. , Rueda, A. J.
Detecting unstructured elements in 3D scanned scenes

Kalia, Robin , Jaikar, Amol
Rain Removal from Videos using the Temporal- Spatial Statistical Properties

Berger, Martin
Approximate importance sampling of functions reconstructed from spherical harmonics

Wiemann, Paul , Wenger, Stephan , Magnor, Marcus
CUDA expression templates

Hapala, Michal , Karlík, Ondřej , Havran, Vlastimil
When It Makes Sense to Use Uniform Grids for Ray Tracing

Kolcun, Alexej
Biquadratic S-Patch in Bézier form

Yamashita, Chikara , Nishio, Kijo , Kobori, Ken-ichi
Automated 3D Visualization of Electron Microscope Tomograms

Pečiva, J. , Zemčík, P. , Navrátil, J.
Mimicking POV-Ray Photorealistic Rendering with Accelerated OpenGL Pipeline

Balinsky, Alexander , Mohammad, Nassir
Chroma Reconstruction from Inaccurate Measurements

Werneck, Nicolau Leal , Reali Costa, Anna Helena
Speeding up probabilistic inference of camera orientation by function approximation and grid masking

Svensson, L. , Sintorn, I.-M. , Svensson, S. , Nyström, I.
Investigating measures for transfer function generation for visualization of MET biomedical data

Getto, Roman , Hildenbrand, Dietmar
Improved Algorithm for Principal Curvature Estimation in Point Clouds due to Optimized Osculating Circle Fitting based on Geometric Algebra

Hofmann, Martin , Sural, Shamik , Rigoll, Gerhard
Gait Recognition in the Presence of Occlusion: A New Dataset and Baseline Algorithms

Hotta, Kazuhiro
Integration of Reconstruction Error Obtained by Local and Global Kernel PCA with Different Role

Yamanaka, Kentaro , Yano, Akane , Morishima, Shigeo
Example-based Deformation with Support Joints

Voronov, Alexander , Vatolin, Dmitriy , Smirnov, Maxim
Novel Trilateral Approach for Depth Map Spatial Filtering

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28