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Sokolovič, Peter
The flying squads of Hlinka guard: coming to terms with the slovak wartime past

Sloup, Ondřej
Kritické zhodnocení Popperova řešení problému indukce

Is there any kind of justification for a belief that the future will be largely like the past? In the eighteenth century David Hume formulated the problem of induction in a similar spirit, and his version is now conventional. Even two hun- dred and...

Nohlová, Barbora , Mikolin, Pavel
Využití diskurzivní analýzy v aplikovaném antropologicko-sociologickém výzkumu s pomocí statistických programů HAMLET 2.0 a TextSTAT-2.9c

This contribution will provide informa- tion about the possibilities and limitations of the use of discursive analysis of textual data with the help of the statistical program Hamlet 2.0. It con- sists of two mutually interconnected parts. In the first part of&#...

Nádaská, Klára , Semrád, Jan
Spolky etnologie/antropologie v ČR

Chroustovský, Luboš
K dokumentární audiovizuální tvorbě v archeologii

Modern digital technologies and devices challenge our attitudes toward engaging with au- diovisual creativity and production in archaeology. There is a broad range of topics, situations and contexts in which filmmaking knowledge and skills are useful, in both academic arc...