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Recent Submissions

Lachoutová, Adéla
Sociální exkluze obyvatel obecních bytů a strategie vyrovnávání se s ohrožením ztrátou bydlení.

Initial premise of this work considers housing as a basic human need. When its stability is endangered, we experience insecurity, anxiety and powerlessness. We don´t feel at home anymore. Together with the risk of loosing home it threatens our ontological security and has negative&...

Mečl, Luboš
Nabývání sociálního statusu v totální instituci prostřednictvím fyzické kultivace těla

The aim of this master's thesis is to interpret the attitudes of a group of members of the Czech Prison Service that is influenced by the concept of hegemonic masculinity and describe their manifestations. The thesis is based on interpretations of the significance of body&...

Mezhuev, Georgy
Pocit domova v životě ukrajinských uprchlíků

This paper focuses on the practices that help Ukrainian refugee teenagers create a feeling of home in Pilsen and analyzes these practices in the broader context of social and political conditions. The study is based on the triadic constellation of home framework and a multisen...

Fišerová, Magdaléna
Narativní dimenze archeologického terénního výzkumu v České republice: kolektivně sdílená vyprávění českých archeologů a archeoložek

The Bachelor thesis will analyze the verbal folklore of archaeologists in the Czech Republic, namely collectively shared anecdotes, rumors and contemporary rumors associated with archaeological field investigations circulating in topical oral transmission, which are part of the collective memory of&#x...

Hůlková, Petra
New Age a životní styl v moderní době

This dissertation describes and interprets the diversity of people who are part of community of the contemporary alternative spiritual movement (New Age). The dissertation is divided into two parts, theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part describes to the development, perception and ...