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Walach, Václav
Sociálně vyloučené lokality mezi stigmatizací a sekuritizací: výzkumná re-orientace

The research project presented here emerges from my long-term interest in the meaning of security in relation to socially excluded localities. These places have become a hot spot in the Czech Republic, as their partly Romany populations are accused of the higher rates&...

Vorlová, Tereza
Kulturní diplomacie v USA a Rusku po konci studené války

Cultural diplomacy had witnessed the greatest boom after the Second World War, when it became a full-fledged part of foreign policy on both sides of the Iron Curtain. This project addresses the question - what changes occurred in the understanding of cultural diplomacy...

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Naxera, Vladimír , Krčál, Petr
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Stulík, Ondřej
Jednorozměrná demokracie: případová studie „Otevřené společnosti“ K. R. Poppera – koncept a možnosti

This work offers new point of view on the Popper´s work with regard to a phenomenon of democracy based on the conservative-republican position. The main goal is to deconstruct the libertarian interpretation of Popper´s social philosophy posed by the Austrian school, which has creat...

Paul, Jan
Výzvy etnografického výzkumu pracovní migrace v současné ruské společnosti

The social microworlds where the migrants live often come through the states, the borders and through the continents. Therefore it would be naive to assume, that with their transition to the new environment their original family bonds, cultural and religional traditions wil...

Velikost a bída doktorandského studia politologie

Naxera, Vladimír
Korupce a klientelismus v komunistických a postkomunistických společnostech – zkušenost ze střední Evropy

This thesis deals with the issue of corruption, clientelism and party patronage in Central Europe during the communist and post-communist eras. In comparative studies on corruption in European countries, it is common for post-communist countries of Europe to be rated worst ...

Mertl, Jiří
Přerozdělování welfare: nástroj pomoci nebo kontroly?

This text, as an introduction to the projected dissertation, deals with the issue of the social justice concept that is providing an argumentation for reaching the socially just society. With the regard to social justice, the socio-political reality as neoliberal governmentality...

Kupka, Petr
Obhájci, vyvolávači deště… a spravedlnost pro všechny: analýza pole české advokacie

The main objective of submitted Ph.D. thesis proposal is to sketch the first version of research design focused on the czech advoacy while using Pierre Bourdie´s theoretical, epistemological and methodological framework. The objective of the research project itself is to underst...

Kudláčová, Lenka
Proměny postavení Korejské lidově demokratické republiky (KLDR) v mezinárodním systému od roku 1948 do současnosti: projekt disertační práce

This dissertation deals with the changes of position of Democratic people´s republic of Korea (DPRK) in international system since 1948 till present. In this issue, we could have experienced highly dynamic development. In the Cold War period, DPRK played the role of a &...

Kučera, František
Prostor korupčních možností v reformě státní správy: aktéři, instituce, struktura, modely reformy

The article presents the plan of doctoral thesis that is focusing on corruption opportunity space in the reform of public administration, on persons involved in the process, on the institutions, on the structure and on the models of reform. It describes different theor...

Krčál, Petr
Problematika legitimity po neoliberální revoluci: penální stát a jeho instituce

Main purpose of following paper is to briefly characterize my Ph.D. thesis which calls “Problematic of legitimacy after the neoliberal revolution. Penal state and its institutions”. In my thesis I will try to create theoretical concept of dispositive of penal legitimacy. Th...

Klapal, Petr
Mezinárodní faktory demokratizace

The text deals with research on the impact of international factors on democratization, which is neglected and marginalized topic in political science. The research objective is therefore to answer the question whether and how the international environment operate to the states&...

Kalinič, Petr
Interdisciplinární analýza fenoménu postmoderního válčení – virtuální etnografie válečnických herních sub/kultur a její význam pro jiné obory a oblasti výzkumu

This paper is focused on the interdisciplinary analysis of post/modern warfare through the means of participative research of cybernetic warrior sub/cultures. The main goal of this (virtual) ethnographic research is to explore and describe all possible parallels between the ...

Jurásek, Miroslav
Úvahy o globálním řádu po skončení studené války: perspektiva Samuela P. Huntingtona a Francise Fukuyamy

The organizational plan of my dissertation thesis deals with two very influential scenarios which were presented after the End of the Cold War: the End of History by Francis Fukuyama and the Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington. These two scenarios (or theories,...

Hlaváčková, Hana
Role Slovinska v integračních procesech zemí Západního Balkánu do EU

In this article is shown a project focused on a study based on Foreign Policy Analysis of Slovene foreign policy with a particular method which is a role theory and its specificities. Slovenia as a first post Yugoslav country became a full member of European U...

Heczková, Markéta
Územní spory v regionu východní Asie

The dissertation thesis examines the problem of territorial disputes in East Asia concerning mainly countries such as China, North and South Korea and Japan. The East-Asia region is fast economically growing and has increasing impact in international relations and therefore is&#...

Hauser, Jan
Dopady boloňského procesu na národní vysokoškolské systémy

The target of the research is to analyze the impacts of the Bologna Process implementation on higher education systems in Europe and to compare these impacts in selected higher education systems of Switzerland and United Kingdom. After a decade of the Bologna Process&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23