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Žižková, Kateřina
První intifáda

The aim of this diploma thesis is to present the events of the first palestinian intifada from the perspective of Palestinians, based on interviews with 18 respondents from different social classes, different positions and age. The work wants to show how individual specific events&...

Rácz, Erik
Zázračné zbraně Izraele - Hasbara, izraelská kultura inovací, obranně-bezpečnostní trhy, a Česká Republika

The main goal of this diploma thesis is to introduce the term hasbara, Israel's innovation culture and bring to reader's attention the importance of cooperation between the Czech Republic and the State of Israel. Diploma thesis describes comprehensive overview of the defence and...

Gamal richterová, Kateřina
Původ moderního antisemitismu mezi muslimy a antisemitismus v české muslimské komunitě

Anti-Semitism has a long history in Europe. It came to the Middle East in the 19th century and since the 20th we could call it Muslim Anti-Semitism. The Muslim Anti-Semitism intensifies with Jews coming to the region from Europe in 20´s and is vital untill nowadays. ...

Morgensternová, Lenka
Vývoj syrsko-libanonských politických vztahů po roce 2011

Diploma thesis deals with the impacts of the Syrian conflict on the political stability of Lebanon. The aim of thesis is to find out to what extent the conflict in Syria and the related presence of Syrian refugees and the involvement of Hezbollah in the conflict had&...

Kollouch, Martin
Íránská hip-hopová subkultura

The aim of this work is to introduce Iranian hip-hop subculture. First, it's focusing on historical origin of popular music in Iran and then the origin of Iranian rap music. Second, my intent is to show all aspects of hip-hop subculture with art side of graffiti...

Danyš, Otmar
Maroko a migrace ze subsaharské Afriky

The thesis deals with the migration of sub-Saharan Africans into and through Morocco. It analyses relations ship of Moroccan migration policy and foreign policy

Horčičková, Aneta
Íránská konstituční revoluce 1905-1911.

The theme of submitted thesis is Iranian constitutional revolution 1905-1911. My aim was mapping the whole period of the constitutional revolution from its first protests between years 1905-1906, creation of the national assembly and its following dissolution during bombing the majles 1908.&...

Janže, Andrea
Charakteristika milostné a politické poezie Tamíma Al Barghúthího

The aim of this thesis is to acquaint readers with the life and work of one of the most prominent contemporary poets, Tamím al-Barghouthi. This work will provide information about the most important events in lives of his parents, both intelectuals and literates, further ...

Križan, Tomáš
Profesijné uplatnenie sýrskych utečencov v Istanbule po roku 2011

Overview of career opportunities of syrian refugees in Istanbul after 2011

Schubert, Lukas
Islámský stát: Případová studie náboženského fundamentalismu

This thesis deals with the ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIL/ISIS) in the context of modern religious fundamentalism. The goal of the thesis is to test the hypothesis, that ISIL is a typical example of the mentioned socio-religious phenomenon. The ...

Gröschlová, Jana
Problematika svobodné žurnalistiky v regionu Blízkého východu - největší kauzy současnosti

The thesis deals with the issue of a free journalism in the Middle East with regard to the biggest cases that are currently associated with this issue. It describes the current situation of journalists in selected countries and maps the most well-known cases of suppression...

Klik, Jan
Současné pojetí Hidžry

This paper presents an outline of the historical development of the debates about hijra and its definition. The theoretical section of the submitted material provides an overview of some of those clerics and intellectuals who have expressed their opinions on the topic and on t...

Lhotová, Žaneta
Izraelský turismus v České republice: cesta za židovským dědictvím?

The purpose of this paper is to characterize and analyze the phenomenon of the israeli tourism in Czech republic. This paper deals primarily with what is typical for an israeli tourist and how much is israeli tourism influenced and shaped by thein religion - judaism. �...

Kortiš, Michal
Nečakané útočisko: Prípadová štúdia o Sýrčanoch v Sudáne

This thesis deals with the topic of Syrian refugees living in Sudan, a country less known for its contribution to solving the humanitarian crisis since 2011. The goal of the thesis is to provide a complex overview of the situation of this relatively large community, focus...

Onallah, Klára
Předsvatební a svatební zvyky Palestinců žijících v Nazaretě

Goal of this diploma thesis is to introduce pre-wedding and wedding traditions of Palestinians living in Nazareth. It explains and defines this minority living in Israel. Moreover it examines the whole process of the last 10 years from how partners get to know each other ...

Otýpková, Anna
Učenci ve službách novoasyrských králů

The main focus of this work was laid on introducing scholar lore in the times of Neo-Assyrian Empire. A brief introduction of the first writing system and education can be found on the first pages of this paper. In the second chapter, I decided to introduce the ...

Wohlmuth, Ota
Západní zeď v Jeruzalémě

This diploma thesis deals with the perception of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It presents the history, symbolism and contemporary role of the holy site of Judaism. The sources from which the significance of this place is derived, its perception during the Middle Ages and...

Rymonová, Denisa
Zahraniční pracovníci v zemích GCC se zaměřením na politiku lokalizace práce v Sultanátu Omán

Master's thesis will first introduce the issue with a brief description of the history of foreign wokers in the GCC states. It will be also focused on analyzing of the key issue, on the reasons why states known for their high numbers of foreign workers have so&#x...

Obtulovičová, Aneta
Využitie ľudových metód liečiteľstva v súčasnej ománskej spoločnosti

The work focuses on the description of the most used elements of folk medicine in the Sultanate of Oman. In the introduction, the concepts of medicinal products that have influenced the formation of traditional Omani healing are defined. The next chapter contains information on...

Kozak, Miroslav
Muhammad Bin Salmán a jeho vliv na současnou Saúdskou Arábii

The Thesis deals with current crown prince´s Muhammad bin Salman influence on internal economical and social dynamic of progress in Saudi Arabia and also his influence toforeign policy of the country.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 159