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Čermáková, Natálie
LGBT na Blízkém východě

This master's thesis presents a comprehensive overview of the current situation of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons (LGBT) in the twenty countries of Middle East, since the beginning of the 21st century focusing on the legal codes and social attitudes of these ...

Shero, Roz
Odpadlictví od víry v islámu Náhled do historie a současnosti

This diploma thesis deals with the issue of apostasy from Islam. The work aims to provide an insight into apostasy during the history of Islam from the Middle Ages and to present its earliest forms within this religion. The introductory part of the diploma thesis will...

Tlili, Václava
Qirá´át: příčiny diverzity koránskýc recitací z hlediska historického a jazykového

This thesis attempts to investigate the reason for the variations in Quran recitation. It studies and discusses the revelation of the Quran in the seven ahruf, the compilation of the Quran and its preservation, Uthmanic masahif and their relation to the seven ahruf, conditions ...

Tvrdek, Tomáš
Příčiny a důsledky sociálního protestu v Izraeli v roce 2011

This paper describes the course, causes and consequences of social protests in Israel in 2011. Shortly deals with social unrest - boycott of selected products and demonstrations. In the main part, the thesis deals with causes of social unrest - high food prices and other ...

Kozlová, Dominika

The aim of Master´s Thesis is to present and describe selected issues of Iranian society in chosen movies during the period from 1989 to 2017. The thesis presents Iranian social reality and describes visual depiction of social phenomenons.

Boudová, Jindřiška
Zahraniční politika Turecka a vývoj vztahů země s vybranými státy Blízkého Východu po roce 2002

The master thesis assumes a change in the character of Turkish foreign policy after 2002. In 2002 Development and Justice Party won the Turkish parliamentary elections. This political party included in its party's program Ahmet Davuto?lu's doctrine of strategic depth containing a...

Furda, Filip
Historický vývoj mesta Abú Zabí

A thesis is focused mainly on the historical, political and economical development of the city Abu Dhabi. A thesis is also focused on urbanization and modern architecture of iconic structures. The work is devoted to the oil industry around the city, which has become a key...

Čikotová, Klára
Současné saúdsko-íránské vztahy v médiích

Hajj is the largest event of the Muslim world. This is very sensitive issue for Saudi Arabia because the royal family is the guardian of two holy places Mecca and Medina. There is a great tension around the pilgrimage, both ideological and power. Hajj has a bloody&#x...

Váchal, Vladimír
Hodnocení jednání z pohledu šarí'y

The thesis deals with the legal analysis of the evaluation of the behavior from the point of view of Islamic law. It explains the basic functioning of Islamic law with an emphasis on the legal entity's behavior within the system and also a comparison with the leg...

Kovačiková, Adéla
Ženy v islamistických hnutích

Master thesis is focused on status, activity and important female members and supporters in selected islamist movements in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon.

Pospíšilová, Miriam
Izraelská politika za vlády Benjamina Netanjahua

The theme of this thesis is Israeli politics under the rule of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel´s prime minister. He first became prime minister in 1996 and his government lasted until 1999. He was selected for the second time in 2009 and holds the post of prime minister u...

Jiráčková, Klára
Skauting na Blízkém východě

The Thesis briefly explains history, development and specifics of the scout movement in the Middle East. The Thesis, based on a field research, then studies use of religion within scouting, relations with government and impact of the movement on the society in Egypt, Morocco a...

Rudiš, Martin
Káhira na přelomu 19. a 20. století

This thesis deals with the topic of development in the field of urbanism and architecture of the city at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The "turn of the centuries" is a quite vague term, which can be understood in numerous different ways. The thes...

Svobodová, Rosalinda
Kuvajt a migrace

The UNHCR office and its staff in Kuwait has been repeatedly asked the same question: "Are there refugees in Kuwait?" The answer is: "yes". Refugees in Kuwait are a sensitive topic and do not enjoy any recognition or special treatment by the government, as...

Vasilková, Veronika
Muhammad Abduh a manifestácia jeho myšlienok v moderných islamských politických stranách a hnutiach

This thesis is focused on the thoughts of Muhammad ´Abduh and which thoughts were applied in the islamic political parties and movements. For this analyze I have chosen political parties Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and al-Nahda in Tunisia and socio-religious movement Muhammadiyah in...

Maruškinová, Katarína
Maroko a a jeho postoj ke státu Izrael : Vývoj kulturních, hospodářských a politických vztahů Maroka k Izraeli od vzniku státu Izrael až dodnes

The thesis is focused on the development of the attitude of Moroccan monarchy towards the State of Israel since its establishment in 1948 in three main aspects: historical, political and cultural. Historical aspect of this relationship draws back on the rich history of Jewish ...

Krajčovičová, Petra
Vývoj islamologie v západních zemích od 2. poloviny 19. století do 1. poloviny 20. století

This work has focused on the description of the development of Islamology as a field which has been part of Oriental Studies for many years. The author has devoted herself to development from the early beginnings, the main centers of orientalism in Europe. The work ...

Merta, Martin
Zobrazení Blízkého východu v americké kinematografii po roce 2000

Movies about the Middle East have the power to actually create our opinions about the region. The selected films are American Sniper by Clint Eastwood, Argo by Ben Affleck, Body of Lies by Ridley Scott, Jarhead by Sam Mendes, and Green Zone by Paul Greengrass. The th...

Borowski, Martin
Komparace egyptských režimů

The main aim of this work was comparison of democracy in Egypt's regimes. This study compare democracy of three regimes divided into six periods: the rule of President Mubarak 19811989, the rule of President Mubarak 19901999, the rule of President Mubarak 2000 2006, the ru...

Patera, Jan
Staroakkadský stát: Politický vývoj a vnitřní struktura

This thesis deals with the political development and the internal structure of the Akkadian Empire and the image of its rulers in later Mesopotamian literature. As part of the description of historical development, attention is paid to the ethnic and political conditions of contemp...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 152