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Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 21 až 40 z 127
Kuželka, Vladimír
9. brigáda Pohraniční stráže Domažlice v 70. až 90. letech 20. století

This thesis will focus on describing the 9th brigade of the Border Guard (BGS) Domažlice during the seventies to the nineties of the 20th century. Students will focus on the creation, structure and analyze its activities. The first part will deal with the development of s...

Vomáčka, Michal
První pozemková reforma v ČSR a srovnání přídělů půdy v Plzeňském kraji

The topic of this master's thesis is the first land reform in Czechoslovakia between 1919 and 1938. Other than a complex analysis of this reform, this thesis also shows the application in the Pilsen region. The aim of this study is to analyze the first republic r...

Veselá, Petra
Procesy s Plastic People of the Universe v kontextu totalitního režimu

This thesis explores processes with undeground, specifically with the band Plastic People of the Universe. The aim is to map out the issue of processes in the context of the totalitarian regime and present a comprehensive view of the topic.

Štorková, Nela
Československo-německé vztahy mezi lety 1945 až 1997 s ohledem na svazy vyhnanců a jejich roli

The Second World War and the postwar evacuation of the Germans left an underlying turning point on the relationships between Czechoslovakia and Germany. Sudeten Germans relocated from the Czech countries were forced to deal with their new and difficult role in a new land ...

Zlesa, Miloš
Atentát na Hitlera z 20. července 1944 a jeho místo v německém odboji proti nacismu

Assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on the 20th of July 1944 was one of the most ambitious and best-prepared attempts to eliminate the regime Reich Chancellor and the leader of Nazi Germany. The main goal of the assassination attempt was to seize political control of Ge...

Vaňková, Ludmila
Hitler a Stalin - Cesta k moci

The diploma thesis deals with a development of Adolf Hitler´s and Josif Vissarionovič Stalin´s personalities in period from 1879 to the moment of strengthening of their positions. It describes life´s phases and focuses on common features of both personalities and the historical events&#...

Urbancová, Lucie
Eugenika ve Spojených státech amerických

This dissertation concerns the topic of the eugenic movement and its object is to emphasize the significance of the eugenic movement in the United States of America in the context of broader racial and world history. Initially, the dissertation concerns the origin on racial th...

Malý, Daniel
Charakter protektorátní a okupační správy v Plzni 1939-1945

The presented thesis The Character of the Protectorate and the Occupation Administration in Pilsen 1939-1945 tries to provide comprehensive analysis of selected problems of protectorate and the German occupation administration and related events between the years 19391945, specifically with a reg...

Poborský, Kryštof
Rozpad Osmanské říše

The aim of this thesis is to analyze the key events of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire in the second decade of the 20th century. The presented thesis pursues, analyzes and evaluates the events which led to the final completion of the issue of the Eastern Q...

Lebedová, Eliška
Pád bakufu a reformy Meiji

This master thesis is focused on the situation in Japan in the mid 19th century. The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive view on the events leading to the downfall of the Tokugawa shogunate and the subsequent Meiji Restoration. This study also deals with&...

Laipertová, Tereza
Česká kinematografie v letech 1939-1945

The document deals with Czech cinema between 1939 and 1945. The most attention devoted the author to the movies resulted in given years and to the filmmaker and actors who acted at the time. In the introductory chapter will be portrayed the origin ant the development ...

Khás, Petr
Pád Francie, Belgie a Nizozemska 1940

Thesis is focused on Fall of France, Belgium and Netherlands in May and June 1940. Its focused on events in France, Belgium and Netherlands before battle in 1940, situation of their armies and operational defensive plans against possible German Aggression. Military situation of Ger...

Krištofová, Veronika
Japonská okupace Koreje 1910-1945

This diploma thesis deals with the topic of Japanese occupation of Korea in 19101945. It's goals are to analyze Japanese-Korean relations in broader historical perspective, put this topic into the context of the history of Far East in the 19th and 20th century and to ...

Hmírová, Tereza
Komparace vysídlení Čechů z pohraničí 1938-1939 a poválečného odsunu Němců z Československa

The thesis deals with analysis and comparison both of two migration which occured in the territory of the Czechoslovak Republic. The first migration started in 1938 when escalated Czech-German problems through the Munich agreement. Now especially Czechs came from borderland of Czechoslovakia...

Hejkrlíková, Jana
Tibetský odboj a tajné operace CIA v Tibetu, 1949-1974

The aim of the master thesis is to analyse the Tibetan resistance against the Chinese occupation. The opening chapter describes the Chinese taking control over Tibet, the signing of Seventeenpoint Agreement and implementation of 'democratization reforms', which resulted in armed res...

Fiala, Vít
Keňa v éře dekolonizace, 1945-1964

This master's thesis examines the decolonization process in Kenya after the World War II, analyzes the process and explains the causes and consequences with regards to the social, political and administrative aspects. It examines the situation after World War II leading to rise ...

Habichová, Ludmila
Výcvik československých parašutistů ve Velké Británii (1940-1945)

The goal of the thesis is to analyse of Czechoslovak paratrooper training in Britain during World War II. The author focused mainly on the establishment of a training program by Special Group D in cooperation with British organizations Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the...

Brož, Martin
Mezinárodní důsledky znárodnění Společnosti Suezského průplavu

The aim of this thesis is the analysis of events Suez crisis, with respect to its causes and international implications, which were reflected in the further development of the Cold War. In endeavour to comprehensively cover events related to this issue, the work describes the&...

Dvořák, Tomáš
Československá exilová vláda v Londýně a její činnost v letech 1942 a 1943

The Czechoslovakia exile government was from the moment of its founding an remarkable state political formation, which does not have an equivalent in our history. Its step-by-step forming and its development process is highly specific chapter of our history. Its possibilities were limit...

Briš, Michal
Churchill, Roosevelt a druhá světová válka

Master thesis is concerned with the relationship between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. Their friendship had started in the beginning of the second wordl war, when was Churchill appointed First Lord of Admiralty. From then on the mutual correspondence had started, which was&#...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 21 až 40 z 127