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Štreimikienė, Dalia , Ališauskaitė-Šeškienė, Ilona
Comparative assesment of external costs and pollution taxes in baltic states, Czech republic and Slovakia

External costs are the main market failure. Pollution taxes and other fl exible market instruments are applied to internalise external costs of atmospheric emissions. Subsidies to renewable energy technologies in the form o...

Gołaś, Zbigniew , Kurzawa, Izabela
Profitability of the food industry in Poland: an ordered logit model approach

The article addresses the problem of fi nancial determinants of return on equity (ROE) in the food industry in Poland. The analysis was conducted on the basis of the decomposition of the rate of return on sales and in conjunction with the system of indi...

Myšáková, Darina , Jáč, Ivan , Petrů, Michal
Investment opportunities for family bussinesses in the field of use of biogas plants

This article deals with the economic evaluation of biogas plants which are one of the most important renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic. They provide a stable supply of electricity and heat without polluting the environment by emissions. They signi fi cantl...

Kačerauskas, Tomas
The paradoxes of creativity management

Creativity is a very important aspect of market economy. Creativity is an ambivalent and contradictory phenomenon that covers both positive and negative aspects. As a result, management of creativity faces some paradoxes. The paper deals with 10 parado...

Stříteská, Michaela , Zapletal, David , Jelínková, Lucie
Performance management systems in czech companies: findings from a questionnaire survey

Measuring and managing performance is an integral part of contemporary management systems, which are focused on achieving outstanding business results. This is based on a systematic, comprehensive review of a company’s activities and re...

Petkovic, Jovica , Jasinskas, Edmundas , Jesevičiūtė-Ufartienė, Laima
Significance of strategic planning for results of sport organization

The article focuses on the application of strategic planning activities in a sport organization. Firstly, strategic planning activities are distinguished and their signi fi cance for organizations analyzed. The following activities are emphasized – setting of strategic goals, analysis,&#x...

Olarte-Pascual, Cristine , Pelegrín-Borondo, Jorge , Reinares-Lara, Eva
Cognitive-affective model of acceptance of model phone advertising

There are high expectations for mobile phone marketing and mobile advertising. In various European markets, such as the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, mobile marketing campaigns have registere...

Nedu Osakwe, Christian , Boateng, Henry , Popa, Simona , Chovancová, Miloslava , Soto-Acosta, Pedro
Understanding cosmopolitan consumers´ repeat purchasing in the eMarketpalce: contribution from a brand orientation theoretical perspective

As this scienti fi c paper is positioned under the relatively big umbrella of relationship marketing; it thus makes a fruitful attempt to bridge the gap between scholarship and practice. Our overriding objective of this...

Sanfilippo-Azofra, Sergio , López-Gutiérrez, Carlos , Torre-Olmo, Begoña
Coverage of financing deficit in firms in financial distress under the pecking order theory

The fi nancing decisions adopted by firms in financial distress are very important because most of the strategy decisions such as investments, market entry, or product diversification are considerably affected by the financial constraints faced by them. However, th...

Půček, Milan , Plaček, Michal , Ochrana, František
Do the data on municipal expeditures in the Czech republic imply incorrectness in their management?

Limited public resources confront public administration bodies with the question of how to handle them in an economically rational manner. Audit of public expenditures necessitates an ongoing creation and modi fi cation of an effec...

Achim, Monica Violeta , Borlea, Sorin Nicolae , Găban, Lucian Vasile
Failure prediction from the investors´ view by using financial ratios: lesson from Romania

The purpose of our study is to identify which fi nancial indicators have a signi fi cant impact on the probability of Romanian companies’ bankruptcy risk from the investors’ point of view by studying the impact on the probability of shares delisting from&#x...

Doskočil, Radek , Škapa, Stanislav , Olšová, Petra
Success evaluation model for project management

The article presents an expert fuzzy model for evaluation of the project success rate. The model is implemented with the use of fuzzy logic. First, fundamental theoretical principles related to the problems of project success rate, fuzzy sets and &...

Révészová, Libuša
Designing modern informatics education for future managers and advanced users according to their knowledge base

The main question we are dealing with is how to teach/educate the future managers – advanced users of business informatics, ICT and information systems. As a very important step in determining the content and method of teaching we consider an evaluation of the know...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 13 z 13