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Giusti, Armando de , Abásolo, María José , Naiouf, Marcelo
Computer graphics and vision labs in Argentina

This article describes the Computer Graphics and Vision research that are being developed by three universities’ laboratories in Argentina: III-LIDI Institute of Computing Research at National University of La Plata, VyGLab Visualization and Computer Graphics Laboratory at South National U...

Ferrer, Carlos A. , Taboada-Crispí, Alberto , Lorenzo-Ginori, Juan V.
Signal and image processing in the Center of Cuba: center for studies on electronics and information technologies (CEETI)

A brief description of CEETI is given, addressing its history, research lines, main scientific results and current projects.

Jaszuk, Marek , Szostek, Grażyna , Starzyk, Janusz A.
Building 3D object representation using SURF local features

The paper discusses an approach to create 3D representation of physical objects. The aim is creating a visual representation of an object, which allows for robust recognition, irrespectively of the distance and the direction of observation. The approach uses a set of rotational vie...

Priyadarshi, Satwik , Jain, Prashant K. , Roy, J. J.
Feature based assessment of forming force behavior in incremental sheet forming

Forming forces and their behavior plays an important role in defining the mechanism of any sheet metal forming process. In Incremental sheet forming, due to inherent complexities, study of forming force behavior is a challenging task. In absence of geometry independent techniques, only&...

Perechesova, A. D. , Soloveva, G. A. , Kalapyshina, I. I.
Hough transform for the calculation of twist angle of aramid torsion

Aramid yarns are widely used for various technical applications. For example, they are used for creation of a magnetosensitive element of the torsion magnetometer, which is a part of the geophysical complex GI-MTS-1 (SPbF IZMIRAN). Such element is made of three microfilaments of ar...

Marek, Jaroslav , Rak, Josef , Jetensky, Pavel
Statistical solution of 3D transformation problem

Obtaining the 3D model of an object is currently one of the most important issues that image processing is dealing with. Measurement of the points on 3D objects requires different scans from different positions in different coordinate systems. At our disposal are measured coordinat...

Bilinskas, Mykolas J. , Dzemyda, Gintautas , Trakymas, Mantas
Computed tomography image analysis: the model of ribs-bounded contour

In this paper, a method for analyzing transversal plane images from computer tomography scans is presented. This method allows not only the approximation of ribs-bounded contour but also the evaluation of patient rotation around the vertical axis during a scan. A mathematical model ...

Gordeev, Dmitry S.
Reasoning about graph algorithm visualization

A method of graph algorithm visualization based on an implicit visual effect generation approach is described. The approach develops an idea to establish an algorithm as an input as well as input graph. Visualization of algorithms is carried out by means of a set of confi...

Choi, Jangwon , Kim, Yong-Goo , Choe, Yoonsik
A novel retinex model based on sparse source separation

Retinex was introduced by E.Land to explain and solve a problem of color constancy in human visual system (HVS). In this paper, we propose a novel Retinex model based on sparse source separation problem. Different from the existing models, we can explain a relation between...

Kopenkov, V. N. , Myasnikov, V. V.
Detection and tracking of vehicles based on the videoregistration information

This paper describes the technology of detection and tracing vehicles on the sequence of images based on digital video stream analysis in the real-time mode. Such technology can be used for car identification, license plates recognition, and for defining of car traffic parameters: ...

Elbahi, Anis , Omri, Mohamed Nazih
Conditional random fields for web user task recognition based on human computer interaction

In this paper we apply the Conditional Random Fields approach for modeling human navigational behavior based on mouse movements to recognize web user tasks. In fact, inferring activity of web users is an important topic of Human Computer Interaction. To improve the interaction proc...

Mitaritonna, Alejandro , Abásolo, María José
Improving situational awareness in military operations using augmented reality

During military operations, the battlefields become fractured zones where the level of confusion, noise and ambiguity impact on achieving tactical objectives. Situational Awareness (SA) becomes a challenge because the unstable perception of the situation leads to a degraded understanding that dis...

Chadimová, Lenka
The creating serious games for historical subjects at the 1st level of primary school and such as a part of exhibition chosen historical buildings

The aim of the study was create serious games for historical buildings which are important for each region of Czech Republic. These games are making guide to historical building and give to pupils the information about architecture, history of building and eventually about surround...

Petrova, Yulia
Virtual museum as an environment for visual representation of urban planning concepts and lost architectural objects

Intensive development of the Web has significant influence on social communication processes. New trends of information distribution demand new approach as being involved in on-line communication. Social institutions, including museums and exhibition centers, aim to develop their presence on the ...

Maas, Stefan , Overhoff, Heinrich Martin
A COM-based toolkit for real time visualization

Collaborative software development in different languages is not unusual, but leads to minor resource utilization during collaboration as a result of porting or reprogramming needs. Additionally in cooperative projects, frequently legal and market economic issues prohibit an exchange of source co...

Kim, Eung-Su , Sung-In, Choi , Park, Soon-Yong
A new 6D ICP algorithm with color segmentation: based adaptive sampling

In ICP-based algorithms, the closest points are considered as the corresponding points. However, this method fails to find matching points accurately when the initial position of the point clouds is not sufficiently close. In this paper, we propose a new method to solve this p...

Taertulakarn, S. , Tosranon, P. , Pintavirooj, C.
Using intrinsic surface geometry invariant for 3D ear alignment

In this study we derive novel surface fiducial point’s detection that is computed from the differential surface geometry. The fiducial points are intrinsic, local, and relative invariants, i.e., they are preserved under similarity, affine, and nonlinear transformations that are piecewise affine.&...

Novotortsev, Leonid , Voloboy, Alexey
Automated detection of buildings on aero images

One of the challenging problems in photogrammetry is extracting of three-dimensional objects from aero images, in particular, extraction of different kinds of buildings. All methods that provide satisfactory results are rather time consuming and process data quite long. In the paper we ...

Ganguly, Suranjan , Bhattacharjee, Debotosh , Nasipuri, Mita
Efficient representation of range face images using vectorfaces

Advancement in scientific representation should accelerate the processing of images if it is more relevant and worthy with the experiment. Scientific visualizing of data (here, face images) has an enormous impact on exploring detailed inner content of images. Hence, the quality of proce...

Kronborg Thomsen, Kasper , Kraus, Martin
Simulating small-scale object stacking using stack stability

This paper presents an extension system to a closed-source, real-time physics engine for improving structured stacking behavior with small-scale objects such as wooden toy bricks. The proposed system was implemented and evaluated. The tests showed that the system is able to simulate sev...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 22