Title: Vztah muže a ženy v kramářské světské písni a jeho reflexe v současnosti.
Other Titles: Relation between man and women in broadside ballad and his reflection in present.
Authors: Krpálková, Michaela
Advisor: Ulrychová, Marta
Referee: Woitsch, Jiří
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Document type: bakalářská práce
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/2981
Keywords: kramářská píseň
Abstract: Cílem je : -zjistit, jakým způsobem je vztah muže a ženy autory kramářských písní zpracován -strukturální analýza textů kramářských písní ze sbírky Národního muzea -zkoumání odsahové složky a složky formální.
Abstract in different language: A bachelor degree work deals with a collection of secular broadsheets with a male-female relation theme; these songs are part of the National Museum Prague Library collection. The work main aims are to find out more about the way the broadside ballad authors interpret a relation between a man and a woman, and to examine the content part of compositions. The work is divided into four parts. The innitial chapters focus on existing research in the field of broadside ballad production, and on their historical development in Europe and Bohemia. Following chapters describe a broadside ballad in general. They focus on the most important characteristics of ballads, their function, authors, themes, distributors, and printing works that produced these songs.The broadsheet production is sorted out according to main subjects; these chapters also describe an influence of censorship on contents, function, and further existence of the ballads. In the second part the collected ballad compositions are sorted into four groups according to their subjects and further analysed. The final chapter focuses on a linguistic form of the ballads. The bachelor work also features a literature list and a picture supplements.
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