Interakce člověka a stroje / Man Machine Interaction (MMI)


Recent Submissions

Rohan, Eduard , Cimrman, Robert
Acoustic waves in fluid-saturated periodic scaffolds

We consider acoustic wave propagation in periodic scaffolds saturated by inviscid fluid at rest. To analyze the wave dispersion, two approaches are examined: the periodic homogenization (PH) and the Floquet-Bloch wave decomposition (FB). While PH gives dispersion-less response, the FB method ...

Rybaříková, Zuzana
Aristotelés, Łukasiewicz a prázdné termíny

In recent times there has been a shift in the interpretation of Aristotle’s logic. Many researchers have pointed out that the concept of existential import appears in Aristotle’s logic and philosophy, and that Aristotle worked with the concept of empty terms although his concept&#x...

Rybaříková, Zuzana
Leśniwského pojetí jmen jako třídových jmen

Stanisław Leśniewski developed a system of logic and foundations of mathematics that considerably differs from Russell and Whitehead’s system. The difference between these two approaches to logic is significant primarily in the case of Leśniewski’s calculus of names, Ontology, and the concep...

Bellemore, M.
Experience with the Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor for Limb Lengthening (ISKD Nail)

Jaroš, Martin , Musil, Jindřich , Haviar, Stanislav
Interrelationships among macrostress, microstructure and mechanical behavior of sputtered hard Ti(Al,V)N films

The article reports on the influence of a compressive macrostress in the Ti(Al,V)N films on their mechanical properties, structure, microstructure, and resistance to cracking. The macrostress is controlled by the energy Ebi delivered into the growing film by bombarding ions. The Ti(Al,V)N&#x...