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Recent Submissions

Egerová, Dana , Nosková, Marta
Top management team composition and financial performance: examining the role of gender diversity

Despite the growing research on the effect of top management team gender diversity on company fi nancial performance, the results remain inconclusive. The theoretical framework guiding this study includes the upper echelons theory and critical mass theory. Under the upper echelons theory�...

Čížek, Petr
The Process Risk Management Using Enhanced Statistical FMEA Method

The paper examines role of additional risk parameter (Process Instruction Implementation (PII)) implemented into traditional Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) methodology within the process risk management. The research was conducted on the case study using predefined risk factors of deliv...

Skálová, Petra
Expected Behavior of Healthcare Professionals

The article deals with healthcare management and the expected behavior of healthcare staff from the point of view of students. Here are presented results of the research focusing on the views of students of the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of West Bohemia i...

Eger, Ludvík , Egerová, Dana
Social network Facebook and customer engagement: A pilot case study from the Czech Republic

In recent years social media has provided new ways for companies to communicate with the public. Companies need to interact with current and potential customers using social media such as Facebook, which is very popular with target groups. The purpose of this study is to ...

Pavlák, Miroslav
Aspects of a Business Competitive Advantage at Star t-ups

A dilemma of innovations is more and more obvious every day. The ideology of free enterprise and market economy suggest the policy-makers not to touch the mechanisms of competition or business development. It is held that public interventions, such subsidies, low-interests loans or ...