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Recent Submissions

Kutlák, Jiří
Individualism and self-reliance of Generations Y and Z and their impact on working environment: An empirical study across 5 European countries

Society 4.0 and its tools influence significantly current human activities. Approach of people to use of information have changed, information technologies became part of our daily life. Data are shared and processed using different processing procedures than were used 20 years ago. It&...

Zárubová, Lucie , Švecová, Lenka
The Willingness to Devote Time to Volunteers Projects in Relation to Volunteers Practice

Burial mounds are considered as a typical monument of the Early and Middle Bronze Age in southern Bohemia, representing the only form of graves within BA–BC2 in the area. Although the existing literature has stated hundreds of burial mounds at dozens of cemeteries, after a...

Nosková, Marta
Enterprise performance indicators and their use for strategic management – empirical evidence in globalized word

Research background: The article deals with the volunteering. The relationship between school and volunteer orientation is compared among respondents preparing for the future labor market, ie high school and university students of various specializations who study in the Czech Republic. Students&...

Švecová, Lenka , Zárubová, Lucie , Fanta, Petr
Process and project excellence

The article uses the content analysis to answer questions about the use of external consultants or internal personal sources to lead the pre-project documentation and whole project process which are financed by EU structural funds. The article mentions further financing of projects, use...

Bolek, Vladimír , Romanová, Anita , Zelina, Michal , Januška, Martin
Factors determining the achievement of IS/IT benefits: an empirical study in the Slovak Republic

The concept of ICT includes technical, technological and methodological resources required for collection, processing and provision of information to all the stakeholders in the decision-making process - not just managers. Companies expect benefits from the implemented IS/IT. The benefit is ...