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Dvořáková, Lilia , Vacek, Jiří
The Adaptation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Service Sector to the Conditions of Society 4.0

The paper presents the results of the research focused on the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adaptation in the service sector to the implementation of principles, processes, methods, and tools of Society 4.0. This study primarily aims to demonstrate practices and tools for&#x...

Tlučhoř, Jan , Přibáň, Pavel , Gangur, Mikuláš , Ircingová, Jarmila , Dagmar, Jakubíková , Janeček, Petr , Maříková, Hana , Štumpf, Petr
Vnímání města v kontextu historické památky na příkladu chebských krovů

The paper deals with the perception and image of the town Cheb in the context of historical heritage. Since 2017, the town has been running a tour of historic trusses. The aim of the research was to determine the influence of this activity on the image of...

Vacek, Jiří , Dvořáková, Lilia , Skřivan, Lukáš
Small and medium-sized enterprises in the service sector in the conditions of Industry 4.0 and Society 4.0: Evidence from the South-West region of the Czech Republic

The contribution presents results of the research focused on the current and forthcoming adaptation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the service sector on technological, economic, social and environmental Industry and Society 4.0 conditions. The main goals of the presented research p...

Jelínková, Eva , Špačková, Petra , Taušl Procházková, Petra
Digitalizace v oblasti řízení lidských zdrojů: systematická literární rešerše

Industry 4.0, digitization and digital transformation are undoubtedly some of the main trends of a transforming economy, society and business. They represent a fundamental topic that is currently resounding in both the real business world and the academic sphere. New modern digit...

Čížek, Petr , Zemanová, Veronika
Perceived Usefulness of Various Types of Customer Feedback Viewed by Managers of SMEs in the Czech Republic

The article consists of preliminary research on different approaches to customer feedback on a product and its perceived usefulness. The research was conducted by sending a web questionnaire to selected managers of SMEs. The results show that there is a statistically significant positiv...

Ircingová, Jarmila , Tlučhoř, Jan , Gangur, Mikuláš
Srovnání přístupů ke správě a strategii rozvoje nemovitostí ve vlastnictví obcí

The paper deals with the comparison of approaches to the real estate management in selected municipalities of the Czech Republic. Individual municipalities can choose different ways of property management from ad hoc management by the mayor to outsourcing of administration to an&...

Januška, Martin , Faifr, Adam
Evaluation of Framework Conditions Supporting Young Innovators in Central Europe

The goal of this paper is to describe and evaluate the framework conditions for young innovators in selected countries in the Central Europe region. Young innovators – people not older than 35 with innovative ideas – represent a specific target group worthy of support in ...

Faifr, Adam , Januška, Martin
Factors determining the extent of GDPR implementation within organizations: empirical evidence from Czech Republic

In this paper, the key factors that affect the extent of GDPR implementation in enterprises are analysed. Since 2018, all organizations operating in the European Union or processing personal data of EU citizens have had to incorporate a new regulation in their work. After thre...

Egerová, Dana , Komárková, Lenka , Kutlák, Jiří
Generation Y and generation Z employment expectations: a generational cohort comparative study from two countries

Generational differences in work values and workplace expectations have become a widely discussed research and intervention topic in recent years. However, little is known about Generation Z, who are now entering&#x...

Egerová, Dana , Rotenbornová, Lucie
Towards understanding of workplace conflict: an examination into causes and conflict management strategies

Workplace conflict is regarded as a naturally and unavoidably occurring phenomenon in today's organisations. To identify the causes of workplace conflict it is critically important to determine appropriate conflict management strategies and effectively manage conflict. The purpose of this study&#x...

Eger, Ludvík , Komárková, Lenka , Egerová, Dana , Mičík, Michal
The effect of COVID-19 on consumer shopping behaviour: Generational cohort perspective

The purpose of this research is to contribute to an understanding of the trends and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer buying behaviour. The results document changes in consumer behaviour patterns that came to dominate at the start of the second wave of the COVI...

Egerová, Dana , Kutlák, Jiří , Eger, Ludvík
Millennial Job Seekers´ Expectations: How do Companies Respond?

This study explores the expectations that Millennial job seekers have regarding their future employment as the economic situation changes. This study also explores to what extent companies in Czech Republic respond to these expectations. The theoretical framework guiding this study is the&#x...

Kutlák, Jiří
Individualism and self-reliance of Generations Y and Z and their impact on working environment: An empirical study across 5 European countries

Society 4.0 and its tools influence significantly current human activities. Approach of people to use of information have changed, information technologies became part of our daily life. Data are shared and processed using different processing procedures than were used 20 years ago. It&...

Bolek, Vladimír , Romanová, Anita , Zelina, Michal , Januška, Martin
Factors determining the achievement of IS/IT benefits: an empirical study in the Slovak Republic

The concept of ICT includes technical, technological and methodological resources required for collection, processing and provision of information to all the stakeholders in the decision-making process - not just managers. Companies expect benefits from the implemented IS/IT. The benefit is ...

Nosková, Marta
Faktory ovlivňující výkonnost podniku – analýza empirických dat

The question of business performance assessment has been discussed by many researchers. Some resulting indicators of business performance can be applied in all enterprises (e.g. ROE, ROA), some have limited use (e.g. Tobin ́s Q). This paper focuses on finding the aspects (in...

Kutlák, Jiří , Krejčová, Zdeňka
Analýza generačních odlišností na pracovišti v České republice

The issue of multi-generational management in the workplace is one of the core areas for effective management of organisations. Not only due to demographic developments in many developed countries, but also to changes in the understanding of individuals' career lives, more &#...

Pavlák, Miroslav , Písař, Přemysl
Strategic management controlling system and its importance for SMEs in the EU

The current hyper-competitive environment offers many great opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), but on the other hand, this business environment is also hazardous. SMEs are a significant economic power and employer in the European Union. Their competitiveness and long-term...

Čech, Marek , Januška, Martin

This article provides a review of currently used risk maturity models to provide an overview of the assessment and diagnostics of risk management maturity in companies. The main research goal is to develop an entry-level easy-to-use diagnostic tool for enterprise-wide risk management ma...

Taušl Procházková, Petra , Nosková, Marta
An application of input-output analysis to social enterprises: a case of the Czech Republic

This paper aims to investigate the issue of performance measurement of social enterprises with main particular focus on economic performance approach reflecting local aspect, since the local aspect plays a significant role in social entrepreneurship concept. Thus, comparison of two instruments&#x...

Petrů, Naděžda , Pavlák, Miroslav , Polák, Josef
Factors impacting startup sustainability in the Czech Republic

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56