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Eger, Ludvík , Mičík, Michal , Řehoř, Petr
Employer branding on social media and recruitment websites: symbolic traits of an ideal employer

In recent years, the employer brand has become an important source of a sustainable competitive advantage. There is increasing evidence that employers need to place greater emphasis on communication with talented young people. Jobseekers usually have only basic information and v...

Kunešová, Hana
Vývoj B2C e-commerce v České republice a komparace se zeměmi EU

The dissertation thesis focuses on one of the categories of electronic commerce, specifically B2C e-commerce. The research topic of the dissertation thesis is the development of B2C e-commerce in the Czech Republic and comparison with the European Union member states. The author used&#x...

Petrů, Naděžda
Rodinné podnikání - příležitost a mezigenerační výzva

The present dissertation focuses on the issues of family entrepreneurship and their application in the business environment, primarily in the Czech Republic. The theoretical section of the paper defines the fundamental concept of a family business, family farm, family entrepreneurship and it...

Janeček, Petr
Vliv organizací destinačního mangementu na rozvoj podnikatelských aktivit v regionu

The dissertation thesis "Influence of Destination Management Organizations on the Development of Business Activities in the Region" focuses on the activities of DMOs and their interactions with the tourism service enterprises in the destination. Relationships between destination management organi...

Kunešová, Hana , Eger, Ludvík
Evaluation and comparison of B2C e-commerce intensity in EU member states

Electronic commerce in the business-to-consumer sphere (B2C e-commerce) represents a signifi cant factor in the competitiveness of companies and entire economies. The purpose of this paper is to propose a tool to evaluate and compare B2C e-commerce intensity in economies. The&#x...