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Janeček, Petr , Pucová, Alena
Shared accommodation: Current state and possibilities of its development on the island of Maadeira

The aim of the paper is to analyse the current state and identify the potential for the development of shared accommodation in Madeira Island. Next goal is to identify barriers of its development based on the results of research about this type of accommodation and reduce...

Janeček, Petr , Štumpf, Petr , Pichlík, Lukáš , Rašovská, Ida
COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic Sustainability of Tourism and Hospitality: The Impacts on SMEs in the Czech Republic

COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes in socio-economic environment as well as the business environment. The hospitality and tourism industry suffers enormously from the COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions in all countries. The behaviour of the whole tourism system in ...

Stěhulová, Jitka , Hommerová, Dita
A Non-profit Organization Fundraising Plan – A Case Study of the Hospice of Saint Lazarus, Pilsen

The task of fundraising is to set up and maintain relations between a non-profit organization and those surrounding it. The creation of a stable and diverse circle of donors contributes to the long-term sustainability of the entity. Public relations is an important activity that&#x...

Hommerová, Dita , Hellbach, Christiane
Identifying the Specifics of Marketing Communication of Non-profit Organizations in a Case Study of the Czech Republic

This article deals with the specifics of marketing communication of non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. For the section dedicated to recommendations, the results of a research study of the marketing communication of non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic conducted in 2015...

Eger, Ludvík
Cafes and their brand communication on Facebook: Case study from the Czech Republic

In recent years social media has provided new ways for organizations to communicate with the public. Organizations need to interact with existing and potential customers using social media such as Facebook, which is a very popular social network in the Czech Republic. The purpose&#...

Jakubíková, Dagmar , Moucha, Jan
Atraktivita kulturně historických památek v Chebském příhraničí

The territory of the Cheb border region has undergone many changes in its history. The population structure as well as the character of the area have changed. After the Second World War, many villages and numerous cultural and historical monuments were completely destroyed. Those&#...

Prantl, David , Mičík, Michal
The Use of the Facebook Social Network in Selected Czech Companies

The use of social media gives companies an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with their stakeholders. However, companies in the Czech Republic use them below average iThe use of social media gives companies an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with their stakeholders. ...

Janeček, Petr , Jakubíková, Dagmar
Motivace k návštěvě jako nástroj pro řízení destinací

Paper deals with motivation to travel to Karlovy Vary Region and Pilsen Region and the realization of travel to specific attractiveness or realization of specific activities in domestic tourism. Even if both of the Regions are not exactly examples of overturism, there are some ...

Kdýrová, Adéla , Tlučhoř, Jan
Comparison of consumer behaviour of Czech and Finnish students in retail: information search, use of technology, influence of advertising

Hommerová, Dita , Dbalá, Kristýna
The Significance of Branding and Marketing Communication of a Library Illustrated in an Exmample of a Selected Education and Research Library

This research article aims to substantiate the importance of optimum marketing communication and show the significance of branding in achieving set marketing goals and ensuring the sustainable development of a selected education and research library. A survey involving a sample of 220 r...

Hommerová, Dita , Kelešová, Miroslava , Satýnek, Michael
Trends in distribution strategies and their application in practice

Today, we use the internet on a daily basis, and in many respects, it makes many lengthy and complicated activities much easier. Therefore, companies focus on the development of technologies and strive to make it easier for customers to purchase goods. This article focuses on&...

Kupec, Michael
Web Personalization as a Corporate Digital Agenda Process

Simpler forms of personalization among sellers and their customers have been in place long before the onset of the digital age. However, the exponential growth in the usage of the Internet has lead to a fundamental implementation of personalization as part of corporate processes.&#...

Janeček, Petr , Tlučhoř, Jan
Profil turisty ve venkovské destinaci: Příklad z Dolního Poohří

We can refer to the most parts of the Czech Republic as rural area, which is determined by other characteristics and tourism development than it is the case in urbanised centres, seaside resorts or mountain resorts. Very different are rural areas close to country´s border,...

Prantl, David
The usefulness of social media for travel agencies in the Czech Republic

There is a number of local travel agencies on the Czech market offering relatively similar product. For that reason, it is very important to offer top customer services. This can be achieved, for example, by social media. The aim of this study is to evaluate the usef...

Kubátová, Dana
Problems of Surface Roughness Measurement with a Focus on the Scanned Point

Article deals with a highly topical topic of evaluation of critical surface integrity parameters. Nowadays, surface integrity, especially ruggedness with a very current situation, is present, because in high performance industries such as aviation or automotive, more emphasis is still placed ...

Eger, Ludvík , Egerová, Dana
Social network Facebook and customer engagement: A pilot case study from the Czech Republic

In recent years social media has provided new ways for companies to communicate with the public. Companies need to interact with current and potential customers using social media such as Facebook, which is very popular with target groups. The purpose of this study is to ...

Hommerová, Dita , Tlučhoř, Jan , Janeček, Petr , Kouba, David
Cross-Border Purchasing Behavior - Studies in the Czech-German Border Region

European integration is increasingly becoming the current subject of a number of research studies. Much attention is devoted to the socio-economic aspects of integration. Even after a lengthy integration process, we can still find differences between the two sides of the border. The...

Boublíková, Lucie , Eger, Ludvík
Recruitment through the use of corporate websites and social media – a case study: Association of Public Transport Companies in the Czech Republic

In recent years, the use of corporate websites and social media to recruit potential job applicants have been playing an important role in HR practises. It is also evident that corporate websites and social media sites are considered as one of the key tools for attracting...

Mičík, Michal
Attracting Millennials with Social Media and Recruitment Websites

In recent years, there is increasing evidence that employers need to place greater emphasis on communication with talented young people. Jobseekers usually have only basic information and vague knowledge and experience about a job and organizational characteristics in the early stage of ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19