Katedra aplikované elektroniky a telekomunikací / Department of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications


Recent Submissions

Broulím, Jan , Broulím, Pavel , Burian, Petr , Holík, Michael , Mora Sierra, Yesid , Pospíšil, Stanislav , Solar, Michael
j-Pix — a multiplatform acquisition package for Timepix3

We present a newly developed modular and multiplatform acquisition and control package dedicated for high performance Timepix3 pixel detector. The software package was originally developed for operation at ATLAS experiment. Afterwards, it was further extended as an independent package for general...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav , Brož, Pavel
Cardiac output estimation for marathon runners and its mathematical model

Cardiac output (CO) and stroke volume (SV) are important hemodynamic parameters for evaluation of cardiovascular performance of the subject. Especially noninvasive estimation of CO during sub maximal and maximal work is valuable. In this paper, one method suitable for athlete CO estimation&#...

Štork, Milan
Direct digital synthesis with fractional tuning

This paper presents a new approach to the design of direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) with possibility of fractional frequency tuning. Such DDS has advantage if small number of bits for phase accumulator is used. A new DDS frequency synthesizer was designed to enable ...

Štork, Milan
Experiments with coupled phase locked loops

In this paper the experiments with two or more mutually coupled phase locked loops (PLL) are described. The different types of coupled PLLs are simulated and results are confirmed by measuring in real systems. The experiments include analog and digital PLLs and simulation. In ...

Taylor, Stephen , Brychcín, Tomáš
The representation of some phrases in Arabic word semantic vector spaces

Design of electrical machines with low carbon footprint is an actual topic in the industry. Total cost of ownership is the standardized methodology to consider the lifetime costs of a power transformer already in the pre-concept design stage. There still does not exist a widel...