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Dániel, Vladimír , Inneman, Adolf , Veřtát, Ivo , Báča, Tomáš , Nentvich, Ondřej , Urban, Martin , Stehlíková, Veronika , Sieger, Ladislav , Skala, Petr , Filgas, Robert , Zadražil, Vojtěch , Linhart, Richard , Masopust, Jiří , Jamroz, Tomáš , Pína, Ladislav , Maršíková, Veronika , Mikuličková, Lenka , Belas, Eduard , Pospíšil, Stanislav , Vykydal, Zdeněk , Mora, Yesid , Pavlica, Richard
In-orbit commissioning of Czech nanosatellite VZLUSAT-1 for the QB50 mission with a demonstrator of a miniaturised lobster-eye X-ray telescope and radiation shielding composite materials

This paper presents the results of in-orbit commissioning of the first Czech technological CubeSat satellite of VZLUSAT-1. The 2U nanosatellite was designed and built during the 2013 to 2016 period. It was successfully launched into Low Earth Orbit of 505km altitude on June 23,...

Novák, Jaroslav , Votík, Jaromír , Štork, Milan , Zeman, Václav
Srovnání normativů tělesné zdatnosti čs. populace z r. 1976 se současnou sportující a nesportující populací

BACKGROUND: Results of national physical fitness survey of Czechoslovak population were published in 1976. The survey was part of International Biological Program IBP. The results are used as standards for evaluating fitness level and cardio-respiratory capacity of subjects till now. OBJECTIVES:&...

Štork, Milan , Mayer, Daniel
Direct currents in power transformers

The article is devoted to the physical nature of geomagnetism, magnetic storms and methods of predicting their origin and deals with geomagnetic induced currents called GIC (Geomagnetically Induced Currents) and their effect on power transformers. A simplified, single-phase transmission system is...

Burian, Petr , Broulím, Pavel , Bergmann, Benedikt
Study of power consumption of Timepix3 detector

The Timepix3 readout chip - the latest member of the Medipix family of hybrid pixel detectors - brought several new functionalities in comparison with the older Timepix, i.e. a high hit-rate, a time granularity of 1.5625 ns, a data-driven readout scheme (with a per pixel ...

Burian, Petr , Broulím, Pavel , Bergmann, Benedikt , Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Pospíšil, Stanislav , Pušman, Lukáš , Zich, Jan
Timepix3 detector network at ATLAS experiment

We describe the technical design and show results of first measurements of a network based on the Timepix3 and the Katherine readout (with Gigabit Ethernet interface) installed in the ATLAS cavern in the LHC in January 2018. The network consists of four Timepix3 detectors, arr...

Kotlan, Václav , Hamar, Roman , Pánek, David , Doležel, Ivo
Model of depositing layer on cylindrical surface produced by induction-assisted laser cladding process

A model of hybrid cladding on a cylindrical surface is built and numerically solved. Heating of both substrate and the powder material to be deposited on its surface is realized by laser beam and preheating inductor. The task represents a hard-coupled electromagnetic-thermal problem...

Báča, Tomáš , Jílek, Miroslav , Veřtát, Ivo , Urban, Martin , Nentvich, Ondřej , Filgas, Robert , Granja, Carlos , Inneman, Adolf , Daniel, Vladimír
Timepix in LEO orbit onboard the VZLUSAT-1 nanosatellite: 1-year of space radiation dosimetry measurements

The VZLUSAT-1 satellite, the first Czech CubeSat, was successfully launched on June 23, 2017, to a 510 km Sun-synchronous low-Earth orbit. It carries several scientific payloads including a Timepix detector as focal plane imager for the X-Ray telescope onboard. The Timepix detector cont...

Karban, Pavel , Pánek, David , Doležel, Ivo
Model of induction brazing of nonmagnetic metals using model order reduction approach

Purpose: A novel technique for control of complex physical processes based on the solution of their sufficiently accurate models is presented. The technique works with the model order reduction (MOR), which significantly accelerates the solution at a still acceptable uncertainty. Its advanta...

Holík, Michael , Ahmadov, G. , Berikov, D. , Ahmadov, F. , Kopatch, Yu. , Nuruyev, S. , Akbarov, R. , Abbaszada, N. , Telezhnikov, S. , Broulím, Jan , Široký, J. , Mora Sierra, Yesid
A synchronization and data acquisition system for silicon detectors

A dedicated synchronization bus has been developed and integrated into the FITPix COMBO device. It can be used as Timepix read-out (involving back-side-pulse acquisition) or as a simple spectrometer device—Spectrig (when an external single pad sensor is connected, e.g. Δ E detector). Th...

Bartovský, Jan , Dokládal, Petr , Faessel, Matthieu , Dokládalová, Eva , Bilodeau, Michel
Morphological co-processing unit for embedded devices

This paper focuses on the development of a fully programmable morphological coprocessor for embedded devices. It is a well-known fact that the majority of morphological processing operations are composed of a (potentially large) number of sequential elementary operators. At the same time,&#x...

Kavalír, Tomáš , Mráz, Jan
High-Power and Wideband Radio-Frequency Dummy Load

A novel approach to designing dummy loads has been proposed that simplifies practical construction and simultaneously offers a satisfactory impedance matching over a wide frequency band for high-power radio-frequency applications. The concept involves a gradual impedance transformation of the guided&#...

Rendl, Karel , Blecha, Tomáš , Herc, Ladislav , Klocker, Lukáš , Linhart, Richard , Sehnal, Petr , Steiner, František , Wirth, Václav
Multiplexer for automatic testing of multimedia units

This article deals with automatic testing of multimedia units. The aim of the work was to design and implement an automatic test system for a functional parameter measurement of multimedia units. The system was built up with the help of individual measuring devices and the...

Čermák, Karel
Využití dotykové plochy pro výuku dětí se specifickými poruchami učení

This article describes how to use common IT components to create interactive devices for children with learning disabilities. In this case the cheap touch monitor was used. The first part of this article shortly describes the main idea of this project. Next part talks about&#x...

Mráz, Jan
Modal diversity based on modal analysis for antenna system embedded into television receiver

A novel approach to designing antenna systems for television receivers is proposed. The antenna system is embedded into the receiver to make the television receiver partly independent on the roof antenna system. For this purpose, it employs diversity techniques to cope with lower p...

Linhart, Richard
Generátor pilotních signálů zvuku systémů PAL B, G, D, K

This article presents control architecture of industrial robot Mitsubishi RV-2SDB that is integrated into Flexible Manufacturing Company. The robot handle head is equipped with air vacuum suction cups, by which the robot handles with the products. The robot is part of the Flexible ...

Veřtát, Ivo , Ondráček, Martin
Měření a simulace odolnosti varistorů standardními a nestandardními testy

This paper deals with measurement and computer simulation of varistors tests, that are used like surge protectors. At the beginning basic characteristics parameters of varistors are described. The next section of paper introduces surge protectors standards. According to these standards measuremen...

Krist, Petr
MicroCANopen distributed control node ethernet HTTP monitoring

The paper outlines the structure of the advanced distributed control node and describes its implementation example on the STR912 ARM platform. The node features two communication interfaces - CAN (Controller Area Network) and Ethernet, equipped with high-layer protocols MicroCANopen and HTTP ...

Mráz, Jan
Modální analýza vodivých struktur šasi televizního přijímače

The highly competitive market of TV receivers brings the implementation of new functions as a must. This has to be carried out without a significant increase in price for the end consumer. The present introduction of digital broadcasting systems offers a possibility of antenna-syst...

Lahoda, Jiří
Synchronizace napěťových oscilátorů

In this paper, there is a possibility of nonlinear dynamic systems control described. A synchronisation of two coupled chaotic oscillators based on the state reconstruction is presented. As an example the well known Lorenz system was chosen and the same method of synchronisation wa...

Hloušek, Petr
Phase analysis of interference currents of railway vehicles

Problems with evaluation of phase relations of reverse tractive current produced by railway driving vehicles are described in this article. This evaluation is newly required in innovated standard ČSN 34 2613. The possibilities and problems of phase analysis

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24