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Šafařík, Miroslav , Noháčová, Lucie , Královcová, Veronika
The influence of wind power plant on environment in the Czech republic

The wing power used for power generation is a still a new technology especially in the Czech Republic. But this kind of power has today the highest potential from all renewable sources for power generation.

Ščerba, Eduard
Biomass energy usage in the world, Europe and in the Czech republic

Majer, Viktor
System and ancillary services

This paper deals with support and ancillary services which are provided by CEPS a. s. Czech republic System service ensured a balance between production and consumption of electricity and the quality and control of the entire electricity system. The aim of the paper is to ...

Kysela, Adam
Electromagnetic interference of high-voltage equipment

This work deals with electromagnetic interference high-voltage equipment. Are described sources of interference and their effects. Furthermore, there are practical ways to describe constraints HF noise.

Krutina, Aleš
AMR/AMI: automatic meter reading & advanced metering infrastructure

This paper deals with new methods of measurement in an electrical grid. The aim of the paper is to explain the way of distant measuring and shows the hardware solutions. AMR & AMI are very important parts of the smart grid concept.

Klasna, Jan , Fanta, Radek
Influence of electrode setting to main insulation tgδ measurement of turbogenerator bars

This paper describes power loss factor measuring of turbogenerator bars. Then it focuses in influence of measuring electrode setting to power loss factor magnitude. It was tested 16 measuring electrode settings. Measurements showed weaknesses in certain methodologies and therefore were proposed&#...

Hromádka, Miroslav
Negative influences on shielding effectiveness

This article describes how can be shielding effectiveness (SE) measured and calculated. There are mentioned systems for SE measuring and possibility of their usage in our laboratory. Then there are introduced some factors influencing shielding such as holes and gaps in cover or cav...

Bublík, Jaroslav
Magnetic heating of billets

This paper deals with new technology in industrial heating processes – magnetic heating of billets. The aim of the paper is to explain the principle of this technology, construction of the industrial device and differences between classical induction heating and magnetic heating of ...

Noháčová, Lucie
Mögliche Müllverbrennungsanlage bei Pilsen

This paper describes the opportunity in the Pilsen region to build complex for waste incinerator. The new waste incinerator in Chotíkov could by have positive impact on the environment in this region. Building of this complex took a few months. It will be the equipment, w...

Noháčová, Lucie , Šafařík, Miroslav
Ökologischer Energetischer Block im betrieb versorgt Pilsen mit grüner energie

This paper describes the opportunity in the energy generation and energy use by the Pilsen heat power station and their positive impact on the environment by the biomass integration for energy generation. Building of this complex took 20 month. It was the equipment, which make...

Erlebach, Jiří
Climatic conditions influences on conversion efficiency of renewable power resources

The main purpose of this paper is to analyze measured data from photovoltaic system placed on the building of Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Pilsen, to figure out optimal inclination of installation, to evaluate measured and calculated characteristics and to set possible way ...

Šafařík, Miroslav , Noháčová, Lucie , Královcová, Veronika
Fotovoltaic technology in conditions of the Czech republic in 2010

There is an extraordinary development and faith nowadays in the field of photovoltaic technology, due to its parameters. This kind of technology is perfect to use in the conditions of an isolated operation network, because of its independence from power grid, usage of primary ...

Švuger, Dalibor
Influence between a construction of a light fitting and a utility factor

This article describes the influence of the construction of the light fitting on the efficiency of luminaries systems or the utility factor as the case may be. The main aim of this paper is draw of a reciprocal relation between the efficiency of the light fitting and...

Dušáková, Romana
New trends of nuclear waste storages

This thesis is focused on radioactive waste disposal in the Czech Republic and the world. Thesis contains data on final repository, repository of low-level waste. This work deals with the problem of radioactive waste and their liquidity. Work treats about the future of deep re...

Majer, Viktor
Preparing and Analysis of electricity consumption data for short term prediction

This paper deals with analysis of power consumption values of The Czech Republic. This analysis is necessary to predict the future development. Electricity consumption depends on several factors and here are shown the most important of them. Another aim of this paper is to dem...

Bublík, Jaroslav , Abraham, Matěj

This paper deals with the specific energy consumption of the induction crucible furnace single melts during working-day. Single melts and their specific energy consumptions are compared and influenceson melting efficiency are analyzed in this paper. All measurements were carried out on ABB&#...

Chára, Zbyněk
Numerical analyses of electromagnetic fields in high voltage bushing and in electromagnetic flow meter

The paper is divided into two parts. The first part is given to illustrate the previous work realized in the frame of diploma thesis. The topic of the thesis was “Numerical analyses of insulating system of electric device”. There are the problem description, specification of&#...

Kysela, Adam
Electromagnetic emissions of AC high-voltage corona

This article deals with the corona discharge and electromagnetic emissions. It describes the emergence of discharge and its manifestations. It describes the measurement set, and used measuring instruments. Measurements were carried out on the tip-electrode system hemisphere. It demonstrates the e...

Kroupa, Oldřich
Example of induction heating computer simulation

In this paper I describe a computer simulation example, based on the requirement of practice. Changes of electromagnetic, thermal and dilatation field distribution of turbo-generator shrink-ring are solved here. The aim is to fit the shring-ring to the body of the turbo-generator rotor&...

Rot, David
Conductor´s ampacity

This article deals with the high voltage conductor ampacity. The aim of this paper is a preliminary description of the impact of ambient temperature on the final temperature of a conductor and the conductor’s sag caused by that final temperature at a defined current load. ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 101