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Recent Submissions

Bejvančická, Petra
Využití modelu Dorothey E. Orem v anesteziologické péči

Almost nowhere else than in the operating room is it possible to see in such a rapid time sequence how the level / deficit of self-care changes and what is the need for medical staff to respond. The use of D. E. Orem conceptual model in anaesthesia care...

Bejvančická, Petra , Brabcová, Iva
Adverse events in anaesthesia care

Adverse events in anaesthesia care The goal of this review study was to summarize research conclusions on reported adverse events in anaesthesia care regarding paediatric and adult patients in the last 10 years. Methods: Relevant sources were found in scientific databases EBSCO, PubMed,...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva , Bejvančická, Petra
Hodnocení rizika pádů

Risk factors for patients fall are often multifactorial. As part of the provision of safe health care, risk factors must be detected in a timely and correct manner. In the Czech environment it is recommended to use Morse Fall Scale and The Conley Scale as the most&#x...

Krocová, Jitka , Prokešová, Radka
Possibilities of documentation management during bladder catheterization

Together, careful record keeping on bladder catheterization and accepting the indication of bladder catheterization form one area of preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infection – CAUTI. Regarding the prevention of these infections, not only one preventive factor is applied, but sets of...

Kriegelsteinová, Vlasta , Frei, Jiří
Monitorování krevního tlaku v domácím prostředí

Monitoring blood pressure at home is one of the popular methods of diagnosing and controlling the course of treatment of arterial hypertension. It is of positive importance in the diagnosis of masked hypertension and white matter hypertension. In 2013, the European Society of Cardi...