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Krocová, Jitka , Prokešová, Radka
Aspects of Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections Associated with Urinary Bladder Catheterisation and Their Implementation in Nursing Practice

n the case of the prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) related to healthcare provision, high-quality and comprehensively provided nursing care is essential. Implementation of preventive strategies is based on recommended procedures, and the introduction of whole sets of&#...

Janoušková, Kristina
Importance of Midwifery Care in the Prevention of Postpartum Depression

Introduction: The article focuses on the importance of midwife care for women in the puerperium period for the prevention of postpartum depression. This care is mostly preventive; therefore, education occupies an important place. Using appropriate education and preventive strategies, many complic...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva , Bejvančická, Petra
E-Learning as an Effective Method in the Prevention of Patient Falls

Objectives: Patient falls deteriorate patients’ functional condition and quality of life, and increase their treatment costs. E-learning is considered an effective way to gain knowledge and competencies for quality and safety in nursing practice. The aim of the study is to evaluate the&...

Hendrych Lorenzová, Eva , Bártlová, Sylva
Community Care of Midwives regarding the Quality of Life of Women after Giving Birth

Introduction: The postpartum period is very demanding for every woman. A significant type of nursing support for women after giving birth is nursing community care. Currently, this type of care is not available to all women in the Czech Republic. Goal: Our goal is to find...

Ratislavová, Kateřina , Kravcová, Kateřina
Orientace studentů ošetřovateství na péči a profesní odbornost

Background: Motivation to study general nursing is very actual theme because of lack of nursing professionals in nursing practice. This problem is discussed not only in Czech Republic, but also in foreign countries and there is effort to find the factors of student’s motivation...

Hendrych Lorenzová, Eva , Bártlová, Sylva , Ratislavová, Kateřina
Posouzení raného vztahu matka-dítě v komunitním prostředí

Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum periods are very sensitive for mother and child. Mother and her baby are very closely interconnected during these periods, and one cannot be cared for without the other. At these times, it is advisable to develop a positive emotional bond b...

Bejvančická, Petra , Brabcová, Iva
Adverse events in anaesthesia care

Adverse events in anaesthesia care The goal of this review study was to summarize research conclusions on reported adverse events in anaesthesia care regarding paediatric and adult patients in the last 10 years. Methods: Relevant sources were found in scientific databases EBSCO, PubMed,...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva , Bejvančická, Petra
Hodnocení rizika pádů

Risk factors for patients fall are often multifactorial. As part of the provision of safe health care, risk factors must be detected in a timely and correct manner. In the Czech environment it is recommended to use Morse Fall Scale and The Conley Scale as the most&#x...

Krocová, Jitka , Prokešová, Radka
Possibilities of documentation management during bladder catheterization

Together, careful record keeping on bladder catheterization and accepting the indication of bladder catheterization form one area of preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infection – CAUTI. Regarding the prevention of these infections, not only one preventive factor is applied, but sets of...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva , Krocová, Jitka
Testing the knowledge of nurses regarding the prevention of falls

Objectives: The most frequent adverse events in the institutional medical environment are patient falls. The education of medical workers on this issue is an effective preventative intervention. One of the effective methods of education is e-learning. Goal: The goal of this paper is...

Nováková, Jana , Janoušková, Kristina
Psychika rodičů předčasně narozených dětí

The article deals with the mental state of mothers of premature babies. The topic of premature births is still very topical. All levels of the mother's everyday life, and therefore the whole family, are affected and affected. Therefore, it is important to pay attention and...

Resl, Vladimír , Leba, Martin , Soukup, Radek , Blecha, Tomáš , Řeboun, Jan
Předpoklady tvorby optimální komprese a kompresivních pomůcek

Biomechanical effects of compression and influence of physical factors have been discussed based on the basic knowledge of chronic venous insufficiency, patho-physiology and compression bandaging principles, including materials necessary for optimal creation of compression bandaging. Independent and dynamic...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva
Prevence pádů u pacientů s kognitivními poruchami

The review study summarises published research results from the 2018-2019 period. The aim was to summarise the research findings regarding the prevention of falls in people with cognitive disorders. The included research results were searched in full-text electronic databases focused on nurs...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva , Krocová, Jitka
Následky pádů pacientů

Injuries caused by a patient’s fall are serious complications that prolong in-patient treatment. The aim of the paper was to find out the occurrence of injuries caused by falls and related factors in patients at a large inpatient medical facility. We performed a quantitative d...

Tichá, Michaela , Frei, Jiří
Úskalí práce sester při péči o pacienta během léčby kontinuální eliminační metodou

The issues of continual elimination methods and activity associated with them on intensive care units are frequent content of general nurses’ work. But in many cases the health workers, and especially in situations when they do not perform this activity often or frequently, fumble&...

Resl, Vladimír , Drobičková, Klára , Bláhová, Eliška , Soukup, Radek , Leba, Martin , Blecha, Tomáš , Řeboun, Jan
Nezbytnost objektivního měření dosažené léčebné komprese - nové patofyziologické úvahy a informace o terapii

The article features analysis of all noted as well as new factors that inluence treatment results by means of compression. The therapy outcome is last but not least dependent upon abilities of patient and on theoretic and practical skills of medical staff members. Selection of...

Resl, Vladimír , Soukup, Radek , Leba, Martin , Blecha, Tomáš , Řeboun, Jan , Drobičková, Klára , Bláhová, Eliška
Standardní, opomíjené i nové informace o kompesivní terapii bandážemi

The article is introduced with short summary of anatomical and pathological causative data of chronic venous insuficience. Patophysiological consequences and their influence upon indication and optimalisation of compressive treatment are closely discussed. Dependence of physical rules according to that...

Ratislavová, Kateřina , Štípková, Martina
The perinatal loss care educational programme and its evaluation

Ratislavová, Kateřina , Bužgová, Radka , Vejvodová, Jana
Perinatal palliative care education: An integrative review

The aim of this review was to analyze the effectiveness of teaching healthcare professionals in perinatal palliative care, methods of evaluating the teaching, and the teaching strategies used. Design:An integrative review. Methods: A systematic search was conducted for English language peer ...

Hendrych Lorenzová, Eva , Bártlová, Sylva , Ratislavová, Kateřina
The quality of life of women in puerperium – the introduction of the mother-generated index (MGI) questionnaire

The period of puerperium is a critical and transformational period in the life of every woman, newborn and new family on a physical, psychological and social level. Study design: Descriptive review study. Goal: The goal of this article is to present the Mother-Generated Index ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23