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Recent Submissions

Krocová, Jitka , Prokešová, Radka
Aspects of Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections Associated with Urinary Bladder Catheterisation and Their Implementation in Nursing Practice

n the case of the prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) related to healthcare provision, high-quality and comprehensively provided nursing care is essential. Implementation of preventive strategies is based on recommended procedures, and the introduction of whole sets of&#...

Janoušková, Kristina
Importance of Midwifery Care in the Prevention of Postpartum Depression

Introduction: The article focuses on the importance of midwife care for women in the puerperium period for the prevention of postpartum depression. This care is mostly preventive; therefore, education occupies an important place. Using appropriate education and preventive strategies, many complic...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva , Bejvančická, Petra
E-Learning as an Effective Method in the Prevention of Patient Falls

Objectives: Patient falls deteriorate patients’ functional condition and quality of life, and increase their treatment costs. E-learning is considered an effective way to gain knowledge and competencies for quality and safety in nursing practice. The aim of the study is to evaluate the&...

Hendrych Lorenzová, Eva , Bártlová, Sylva
Community Care of Midwives regarding the Quality of Life of Women after Giving Birth

Introduction: The postpartum period is very demanding for every woman. A significant type of nursing support for women after giving birth is nursing community care. Currently, this type of care is not available to all women in the Czech Republic. Goal: Our goal is to find...

Resl, Vladimír , Frei, Jiří , Krocová, Jitka
Základní přehled dermatovenerologie