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Nemanský, Jan
Pohledávka po zamítnutí insolvenčního návrhu - možnosti obrany dlužníka

The article deals with the problematics of the debtor’s means of defense against the creditor that is not the insolvency petitioner and whose receivable was submitted to the insolvency proceedings after this proceeding has ended in cases when the proceedings was discontinued by the...

Tvrdík, Ivan
(Ne)sporná řízení

The article is a response to the fundamental inadequacy and desperate quality of the criticism of the draft substantive plan of the Civil Procedure Code, while thematically dealing with the contentiousness of contentious proceedings and their definition (conceptual definition of contentious ...

Hablovič, Jakub
Pojem uprchlík v mezinárodním a československém právu 1918 - 1939

Political events between 1918 and 1939 provoked several waves of refugees in Europe, to which both international and Czechoslovak law had to respond. The main goal of this article is to analyze the definition of the term refugee in international law relevant to the situation&#...

Chaloupka, Roman
Uspokojení pohledávky zajištěného věřitele po rozhodnutí o splnění oddlužení

The aim of this paper is to analyze the issue of satisfaction of the secured creditor's claim after the decision to meet the debt relief in the insolvency proceedings. The use of the legal option of the secured creditor to demand satisfaction of the secured receivable...

Štika, Martin
Zastavování dlouhodobě bezvýsledných exekucí v rozměru právně výkladovém, ústavním a společenském

This article looks at Section 55(7) to (13) of the Enforcement Code, relating to the discontinuance of protracted and unsuccessful enforcement procedures. In the first part, the author outlines the procedure under this legislation, including its practical application, from the perspective of...