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Psutka, Jindřich
Společné jmění manželů v judikatorní retrospektivě – aneb stručný příspěvek k problematice kontinuity dřívější rozhodovací praxe v poměrech stávající úpravy

Matrimonial property is a traditional part of the broader regulation of matrimonial property law. This is a specific case of a joint community of property, which can only arise during the marriage and only between spouses. Judicial interpretation has a key role long in the...

Profeldová, Tereza
Does Undisputed Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunal Also Provide Parties with Effective Control Mechanism from Side of Courts?

The jurisdiction of the courts is not something one usually thinks of when it comes to the conclusion of an arbitration agreement. Despite doctrines advocating for a transnational or anational approach to international arbitration, arbitral proceedings are being conducted under the national&...

Profeldová, Tereza
Relationship between the EU Law and Constitutional System of Member States - Did EU Cross the Line?

EU law is based on the principle of its primacy. It is argued that by voluntarily acceding to the EU, the Member States agreed to limit sovereignty and to transfer certain powers to the EU. Such principles were undisputed as long as they concerned the interpretation ...

Kocina, Jan
Vyjádření k obžalobě a odměna obhájce

The article points out the new provisions comprised in Section 177 (d) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which extended the formal requirements on the contents of a criminal indictment, and in Section 196 (2) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, where the law newly require...

Hablovič, Jakub
Home office - práce na dálku dle podmínek § 317 zákoníku práce

The article deals with the issue of performing dependent work according to the conditions of § 317 of the Labour Code which is most often reffered to as home office. Because such a designation is not used by law, this article deals with the comparison of the ter...