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Richtr, Václav , Konopa, Matyáš
Experiment v přípravě budoucích učitelů chemie

This paper deals with an experiment during the bachelor’s study at the Department of Chemistry, FPE UWB in Pilsen and its importance for the training of future chemistry teachers. The focus of the work is in the organization and content of laboratory exercises in organic ...

Rusek, Martin , Vojíř, Karel , Bártová, Iveta , Klečková, Marta , Sirotek, Vladimír , Štrofová, Jitka
To What Extent do Freshmen University Chemistry Students Master Chemistry Calculations?

The research mapped chemistry-oriented university freshman students’ ability to solve chemical calculations. Their success was monitored based on several factors such as their faculty, field of studies, the type of calculation and the assignment type (word problem vs. formula). The results i...

Štrofová, Jitka , Švandová, Veronika , Literák, Jaromír , Coufalová, Štěpánka , Pelánková, Barbora
Studenti ZČU a jejich zkušenosti s experimentální výukou chemie na střední škole

The contribution presents the offer of courses with chemical themes at Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, which are intended for future teachers and not only for students of teacher training in chemistry. Attention is focused mainly on the course Chemistry&...

Hrdlička, Jan , Švandová, Veronika , Literák, Jaromír , Rypl, Václav , Pelánková, Barbora
Využití stanovení celkového uhlíku pro výpočet obsahu spalitelných látek a transformace postupu do výuky chemie

Soil, as a topic in education, is a typical multidisciplinary topic that can affect geography, biology and ecology, and if we deal with soil composition and analysis, it also affects chemistry and mathematics. From the chemistʼs point of view, the loss on ignition of the ...

Sirotek, Vladimír , Švandová, Veronika , Literák, Jaromír , Tláskalová, Kateřina , Pelánková, Barbora
Chemické experimenty s vybranými přechodnými kovy a jejich sloučeninami ve výuce chemie

In this contribution are listed important chemical experiments with selected transition metals and their compounds which can be used during teaching in primary and secondary school. There are stated informations about title, brief principle, aids and chemicals, work procedure and didactic no...