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Recent Submissions

Fiala, Jan
Využití virtuálního imerzního prostředí pro nácvik komunikativních kompetencí začínajících učitelů

In the last few years, virtual reality has been penetrating education, mainly thanks to a noticeable decrease in the prices of technical devices that help in the creation and use of models in virtual reality. In this way, the most diverse virtual environments from the fie...

Benediktová, Lenka

Abstract: Are online quiz apps in education as effective as it might seem at a first glance? Using blanks apps has become very widespread lately, mostly because of the Co-Vid-19 pandemic and the need for distance learning. These apps make it possible for the children to&#...

Caldeiro Pedreira, Mari Carmen , Castro Zubizarreta, Ana , Havránková, Tereza
Móviles y pantallas en edades tempranas:convivencia digital, derechos de la infancia yresponsabilidad adulta

In the hypermedia society the indiscriminate use of multiple screens is observed froman increasingly early age. For this reason, digital coexistence, respect for children’s rights, and asense of responsibility from the media and from families who educate children are required. Thisstudy revi...

Havránková, Tereza
Formát výuky převrácené třídy v on-line prostředí v hodinách hospodářské angličtiny na vysoké škole

The flipped classroom model has been an appealing approach to teaching, primarily in math and science classes. However, several research studies have proven that the flipped classroom method can be successfully implemented in online language classes. This article presents a research study&#x...

Zíka, Miroslav
Katalogizace knih pro knihovní systém pomocí otevřených dat

The article introduces the reader to the automation of libraries and the digitization of library records on the example of the implementation of a web catalog for the library in Mladýé Smolivec. This arose as an alternative provision of services to the public during safeguards...