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Recent Submissions

Rohlíková, Lucie , Kohout, Jiří , Vrbík, Václav , Rohlík, Ondřej
The importance of mobile access to information systems for pre-service teachers

The goal of this study was to explore the disposition to, attitudes towards, and usage of ICT, the ownership and importance of individual devices for academic success, and the importance of using a handheld mobile device for various student-related activities of pre-service teachers.&#x...

Rohlíková, Lucie
Flexible forms of learning as a challenge for higher education

This paper will discuss current trends in the development of lifelong and online education through the eyes of universities. Given the demographic situation and progressive automation, significant changes in demand for education can be expected in the near future in individual and flexi...

Baťko, Jan
Methodical support for teachers of robotics in the Czech educational system

The aim of this work is to describe the possibilities and extent of the methodical support of teachers of robotics and robotic programming in the Czech primary education system and to find and describe the deficiencies as well as possible ways to improve the educational s...

Frank, Filip , Frank, Jan
Podpora informatického myšlení s využitím Lego robotů

Computational thinking and digital literacy are concepts that are nowaday very popular with the professional and lay public. Teachers at elementary and secondary schools should develop these abilities in pupils, not only in the context of computer science, but teachers often has no ...

Mainz, Denis
Vliv projektového vyučování v předmětu Informační a komunikační technologie na žáky středních škol

Preparation of students for their future profession in a technically oriented jobs is one of the main strategies of educational secondary vocational and technically oriented schools and apprentice centers. The success of graduates from technical schools focused on the labor market also ...