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Frank, Jan
Pozitivita polynomů včetně školských souvislostí

Decomposition of a polynomial as a Sum of squares of polynomials (SOS) is one of the classical method how to prove that certain polynomial f is a positive semidefinite polynomial. This is a way of proof that is closely related to the 17th Hilbert problem. David Hilbe...

Baťko, Jan
Robotická stavebnice jako prostředek pro rozvoj abstraktního myšlení žáků základní školy

This dissertation thesis is engaged in the field of educational robotics and the use of robotic kits in the education. Its main aim was to find out what the current condition of education of robotics in primary schools in the Czech Republic is like as well as ho...

Benediktová, Lenka
Strategie učení s tabletem ve výuce přírodopisu

This doctoral thesis is called Strategies for Using Tablets in Biology Lessons. The main objective of the thesis was to design effective strategies for using tablets in teaching Biology at primary schools in order to deal with critical areas of the curriculum. After gathering ...

Mainz, Denis
Vliv projektového vyučování v předmětu Informační a komunikační technologie na žáky středních škol

Preparation of students for their future profession in a technically oriented jobs is one of the main strategies of educational secondary vocational and technically oriented schools and apprentice centers. The success of graduates from technical schools focused on the labor market also ...

Filipi, Zbyněk
Počítačová gramotnost a její zvyšování pomocí e-learningu

The thesis deals with the research on the influence of selected factors on the development of computer literacy, which is backed by studying e-course. For investigation have been selected undergraduate course in which skills useful when writing theses are developed. Its content also...

Slánská, Dana
Nové pohledy na výuku počítačové grafiky a multimédií

Content of the dissertation is focused on finding new, modern approaches to teaching computer graphics and multimedia across the levels of the schools. At the time of entering the work, the learning content of these subjects at Czech schools geared primarily to familiarize students...

Krotký, Jan
Nové formy tvorby multimediálních učebnic

The dissertation is dedicated to a research of structure and structure components in electronic, multimedia and interactive textbooks for primary schools. The author uses J. Průcha methodology (1998) to measure educational facilities of classical textbooks. Prior its application, the method is&#x...

Simbartl, Petr
Validace interaktivních učebnic pro základní školy

The use of digital technologies pervades many fields and the area of education is no case apart. The aim is to analyse the influence of interactive textbooks on teaching. These textbooks are often complied based on the original paper version and are extended by multimedia ...

Huclová, Miroslava
Projekty ve výuce informatiky

The thesis is focused on the integration of design methods and projects in the educational field of Information and Communication Technologies for Basic Education. The theoretical basis for the integration of design methods in pedagogy, psychology and educational information and communications&#x...

Jakeš, Tomáš
Simulace mikropočítačové stavebnice pro výuku hardware

This thesis presents the issue of the creation of my own simulation program for Microcomputer Applications Trainer, designated for teaching hardware. Based on the analysis of the physical modular microcomputer facilities and their principle, data was compiled and a technique of appropriate&#...

Mahnelová, Hana
Klasické a počítačové sčítání číselných řad

There exist several classical methods of determining the sum of series, and each of them addresses only specific groups of these series. In many cases it is necessary to make do with a proof of its convergence, since the determination of the sum is often difficult. D...

Přibáň, Tomáš
Počítačová gramotnost a její zvyšování pomocí e-learningu

The dissertation deals with the process of construction of computer literacy using various forms of e-learning compared to traditional contact learning. For investigation were chosen two subjects, whose content conforms to the ECDL and at the same time fulfill the requirements of the&#x...

Honzík, Lukáš
Počítačové metody eliminace kvantifikátorů v R a možnosti jejich využití

Quantifier elimination over real fields is a discipline connected with mathematics, logic and computer science. Using so called cylindrical algebraic decomposition it allows to simplify mathematical formulas with quantifiers into quantifier-free formulas. Since this is quite complex problem programs o...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13