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Čepičková, Jana , Mentlík, Pavel , Rohlíková, Lucie , Vejvodová, Jana
Nouzové distanční vzdělávání v době epidemie koronaviru – metodické infografiky na pomoc učitelům

This paper is conceived as an overview of the recommendations issued by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in the initial days of the state of emergency in order to support the methodological quality of the implementation of emergency distance education. In cooperation w...

Casas Moreno, Patricia , Caldeiro-Pedreir, Mari-Carmen , Havránková, Tereza
The Knowledge and the Use of Educational Applications from University Students in Spain and the Czech Republic

Technological evolution has led to many changes at both professional and academic levels. The inclusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has caused dizzying changes in the different contexts of life (educational, professional, social). More and more applications are being downl...

Baťko, Jan , Rohlíková, Lucie
Počínání žáků při práci s robotickou stavebnicí: východiska tvorby výzkumného nástroje

In this article, the bases, process of creating and the final look of testing tasks set were described. The set was used as a testing tool during the research focused on pupils´ behaving during solving the tasks in educational robotics. The set of tasks was created t...

Benediktová, Lenka
Aplikace Learning apps a její využití napříč učivem základní školy

Efficient integration of digital technologies into the teaching/learning process requires the use of appropriate software. This presentation will introduce the widely used Learning Apps tool. This application belongs in the group of so-called 'Blank Apps'. This free software allows teache...

Juhaňák, Libor , Zounek, Jiří , Rohlíková, Lucie
Using process mining to analyze students' quiz-taking behavior patterns in a learning management system

Ratislavová, Kateřina , Bužgová, Radka , Vejvodová, Jana
Perinatal palliative care education: An integrative review

The aim of this review was to analyze the effectiveness of teaching healthcare professionals in perinatal palliative care, methods of evaluating the teaching, and the teaching strategies used. Design:An integrative review. Methods: A systematic search was conducted for English language peer ...

Benediktová, Lenka
Kreativní aplikace ve výuce přírodopisu

Mobile technologies are becoming a common part of every lesson in elementary schools. Children can work with phones and even tablets. An important part of these technologies is of course the software. In this article we will introduce 2 apps, which can be used by the ...

Frank, Jan , Honzík, Lukáš
Užití programu Geogebra (nejen) ve výuce matematiky na 2. stupni ZŠ

The software of dynamic geometry GeoGebra is currently probably the most commonly used computer software in teaching mathematics at Czech elementary schools. Its main advantages are undoubtedly the environment in Czech (including manual), intuitive control and open-source licenses. Currently are ...

Grolmus, Petr
Statistiky Moodle

This article summarizes the possibilities of monitoring on-line statistics and overviews both from system operation and targeted searching of specific data – eg. usage of Moodle system in a particular academic year, usage of the course by students during the semester, etc. Traffic ...

Zíka, Miroslav
Podpora rozvíjení informatického myšlení elektronickou učebnicí Práce s daty

The paper deals with the electronic textbook called “Práce s daty“, which was created within the project Podpora rozvoje informatického myšlení (PRIM), and was created by a team acting on the Faculty of Education of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The paper is b...

Fiala, Jan
The development of algorithmic thinking among the pupils of lower secondary schools

Aichinger, Daniel , Krotký, Jan , Mach, Petr
Digital literacy development through new technologies for measuring and data mining

The article is dedicated to the problematics of using new technologies at high schools and during the preparation of future teachers. It is focused on using thermometric measurements in various fields of technics. The main emphasis is placed on forming the measuring methodology and...

Batková, Dominika , Frank, Jan , Pěchoučková, Šárka
Matematická soutěž na 1. stupni základní školy

One of the ways to motivate pupils to study mathematics is a mathematical competition. A six-wheeled competition called "Walking Through the Czech Republic" was prepared for 3rd year pupils. Participation in this competition was voluntary and competition was intended for home prepa...

Frank, Filip , Frank, Jan
Podpora informatického myšlení s využitím Lego robotů

Computational thinking and digital literacy are concepts that are nowaday very popular with the professional and lay public. Teachers at elementary and secondary schools should develop these abilities in pupils, not only in the context of computer science, but teachers often has no ...

Michalík, Petr
Hlediska tvorby výukových počítačových simulačních modelů

The aim of the following paper is to present the context of creation of computer simulation models of electronic learning systems with diff erent educational variables of the teaching process. In the beginning it should be emphasized that the teaching process they create...

Jakeš, Tomáš
Ověření přínosu simulace mikropočítačové stavebnice pro výuku hardware

The paper presents an experimental verifi cation of the benefi t of the proposed and created simulation program by the means of pedagogical experiment. Since the contribution does not have to be only cognitive but on an aff ective level also, a composite approach p...

Michalík, Petr
Příspěvek k počítačové simulaci elektronických obvodů

Huclová, Miroslava , Vrbík, Václav
Efektivita projektové metody při výuce informatiky na základní škole

This article describes an action, qualitative research carried out in the Science subject in elementary school. The aim of this research was to find answers to the research questions. The questions involved the knowledge, skills and behavioral characteristics of students in the applicat...

Huclová, Miroslava , Vrbík, Václav
Bezpečně s internetem na základní škole

Article documenting the teaching of safe work with the Internet and mobile phone in elementary school. It is divided into three parts. The fi rst part deals with the inclusion of the topic into the RVP ZV and ŠVP specifi c elementary school. The second part deals...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19