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Hejduková, Pavlína
Zdravotnická zařízení v kontextu reformních změn v ČR

Medical facilities as health service providers play a key role in the health system of each country. It is therefore very important to pay attention to them, especially during major reform steps in the health field. Each of the developed countries is facing problems...

Jurková, Jana
Dopyt na trhu vysokoškolského vzdelávania na Slovensku - vývojové trendy

University education market is known as a place, where supply of education meets education demand and as a place, where different subjects of university education are situated (state, commercial subjects, other institutions of school system, institutions of informal education and inst...

Krajčík, Vladimír , Mikoláš, Zdeněk
Kvalitativní transformace vysokoškolského vzdělávání k posílení profesionálních kompetencí absolventů

Basic paradigms of further development of higher education institutions have been recently discussed extensively worldwide, the Czech Republic included. The position and role of high education institutions in developing science, research and competitiveness of the respective country, activities ...

Pitic, Diana , Drăgan, Mihaela , Pitic, Ştefan Lucian
Practice requirements for university graduates within the field of "international economic affairs", german study line

Current research paper gives an overview on practice requirements based on competences for university graduates within the field of “International Economic Affairs”. Obtained results derive from market data gathered while questioning employers regarding the expected use of competences and ...

Čebišová, Kateřina
Přínosy informačních technologií pro malé a střední podniky

The aim of this study was to determine if there is a relationship between the number of soft information technologies used in small or medium-sized company and its financial performance. This task was accomplished via Pearson correlation analysis. Data for this research were...