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Záhořík, Jan
Zaccaria, Massimo. Anch’io per la tua bandiera. Il V battaglione ascari in missione sul fronte libico (1912). Ravenna: Giorgio Pozzi Editore, 2012. ISBN: 978-88-96117-26-2. 264 pp.

Almer, David
Shandor, Vincent. Podkarpatská Rus od vzniku ČSR po sovětskou anexi. Praha: Rybka publishers, 2013. ISBN: 978-80-87067-06-2. 312 pp.

Švepeš, Václav
Immigration from Eastern Europe to Argentina at the Turn of the 20th Century

The main task of the contribution is to research the role of immigration from Eastern Europe to Argentina in the period referred to in the title. Historically, the most represented communities in the great exodus to Argentina at the turn of the 20th century were from ...

Fedorchak, Tetiana
Consolidation as the Highest Stage of Political Regime Democratization of the Post-Communist Societies in CEE

The author of the paper studies consolidation of democracy in the CEE countries in the context of analysis of the transitional post-communist societies and focuses on the very phase of democratization. Three institutional aspects, which played an important role in transitional societies,...

Záhořík, Jan
Colonial Perspective and Nationalism(s) in Ethiopia in the Context of African Decolonization

Ethiopia has never been colonized except for a short period of Italian occupation in 1930s. It would seem that the absence of European colonialism contributed to a rather different development of nationalism due to many different historical factors and experiences. However, since 1950s,...

Tóth, Andrej
On the Results of the Parliamentary Election in Czechoslovakia in 1935 with Regard to the Hungarian Opposition and Negativistic Political Parties – Land Christian-Socialist Party (OKSzP) and Hungarian National Party (MNP)

The study maps in detail the election results of the joint election list of candidates of both opposition and negativistic Hungarian minority political parties, the Land Christian-Socialist Party (Országos Keresztény Szocialista Párt; OKSzP) and the Hungarian National Party (Magyar Nemzeti Párt;&...

Novotný, Lukáš
Germany and the Railway Problem in China after the Russo-Japanese War (1905–1906)

The contribution aims to present and analyze the German view of the complicated question of railway-building in China at the end of the Qing Empire era – concretely in the years 1905–1906. The authors plan to start at the end of the Russo-Japanese war, which was a&#x...

Nevadomsky, Joseph , Půtová, Barbora , Soukup, Václav
Benin art and casting technologies

The study is dedicated to reflections of Benin art after the 1897 British invasion. The analysis focuses especially on describing what happened with Benin artefacts that were part of the war booty taken by the British expedition that went on to sell them in a...

Kárník, Jiří
The Causes of the Second Anglo-Afghan War, a Probe into the Reality of the International Relations in Central Asia in the Second Half of the 19th Century

This study deals with causes of Second British-Afghan War which took place in 1878–1881. Author will briefly explain the first 60 years of evolution in British-Afghan relations with consideration of their global context especially so called Great Game which is rivalry between Russian&#x...

Gulyás, László , Csüllög, Gábor
The Advancement of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans and the Danube Valley

The aim of our research partnership was to outline the history of the area called Kosovo today, and to analyse its characteristics from the age of the Roman Empire up to now. This study is to introduce the results of the second phase of the research. In June...

Nejedlý, Martin

The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the passage on the emergence of Hussitism in the Chronicle written by Burgundy’s official historian, Georges Chastelain (1415–1470). The chapter in question, entitled “Comme il advint, en la cité de Pragues, ne merveilleuse confusion entre ...

Nótári, Tomáš
The Early Period of Lawmaking in Medieval Hungary

The beginnings of the Hungarian legal system – more precisely written law, ius scriptum – can be traced back to the lawmaking activity of our first king, St Stephen, founder of the state. It is a fact beyond doubt that his laws are independent legislative work rather...

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