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Simándi, Irén
The tragedy of prime minister Imre Nagy and the Radio Free Europe - 1956-1958

The military intervention of the Soviet Troops which started on 4th November the so-called Imre Nagy group was given the possibility of asylum at the Yugoslavian Embassy. Janos Kádár annulled the agreement with the Yugoslavians, and demanded that Imre Nagy and his grou...

Sarnyai Csaba, Máté
Individual, community, identity

Our presentation investigates how Voivodina organizes the institutional means for cultures to live together. Our subject matter is the innovative Serbian method of personal autonomy: the system of national minority councils, ensuring the self-organization of cultural communities. We discu...

Novotný, Lukáš
Pavel MÜCKE, Místa paměti druhé světové války. Svět vojáků československého zahraničního odboje, Praha: Karolinum, 2014, ISBN 978-80-246-2563-8, 284 pages

Lakatos, Artúr
Romania and the "western" world: a brief overview of romanian foreign policy, 1990-2012

This paper is dealing with the evolution of Romanian foreign policy following to the fall of the Ceausescu regime in 1989, until 2012. Our analysis is approaching the otherwise complex issue in the mirror of two different phenomenons: first, the quest of Romania f...

Koudela, Pál
Civic gentry in Sáros county in the 19th century: the history of Hazslinyszky family, part I

The concept of gentry in Hungarian 19th century history usually backed by its literary counterpart, most famously by those characters in Mikszáth Kálmán’s novels and short stories. The proud but lazy and hedonistic lifestyle, in connection with its useless political and public role ...

Janek, István
The mediating activity of János Esterházy between the governments of Slovakia and Hungary in 1939-1942 with specific regards to the jewish question

The purpose of this study is the introduction of the mediation of János Esterházy in the bilateral relations of Slovakia and Hungary mentioning only a few examples due to limitations in length. In the second part of the study, the activity of Esterházy in the Jewish ...

Hamerli, Petra
The hungarian-italian support of the croatian separatism between 1928 and 1934

In my essay I present the Hungarian-Italian collaboration in the support of the Croatian Separatism between 1929 and 1934. The Croats – although there were ethnic contrasts between the Croatians and the Serbs just after the creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats ...

Fabiánková, Klára
The system of the nazi occupation policy in the soviet territory as the factor of economics gains?

The paper is dedicated to the analysis of Nazi economic policy on occupied Soviet territories of Ukraine and Belarus in the period from 1941 to 1943. The principles of applied economic policy and its possible influence on the achievement of designated targets are analyzed. The...

Butyrska, Iryna
State influence on social policy, partnership and responsible business development in the EU countries

The paper deals with the states’ influence on the development of social policy, social partnership and socially-responsible business in the EU activity. Business circles start realizing principles of social responsibility and partnership in their corporate relations, laid in the basis of the...

Budil, Ivo
Clémence-Auguste Royer and the rise of aryan ideology

The contribution of Clémence-Auguste Royer, the first translator of the Origin of Species into French, to the emergence of social Darwinism is discussed and critically evaluated. Clémence-Auguste Royer used the theory of natural selection for challenging of modern liberal democracy and stres...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 10 z 10