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Šedivý, Miroslav
Italy in the european states system of the pre-march period: some reflections

The aim of the paper is to evaluate the role that Italy played in the European States System in 1830–1848 from a new, more realist perspective paying particular attention to the policy of Metternich’s Austria in the Apennines. As it attempts to prove, from 18...


Marengo, Alessandro
ZACHAR Péter Krisztián. Gazdasági válságok, társadalmi feszültségek, modern válaszkísérletek Európában a két világháború között Budapest: L’Harmattan, 2014. ISBN 978-963-236-955-6, 348 pages

Koudela, Pál
Civic gentry in Sáros county in the 19th–20th century: the history of Hazslinyszky family, part II.

In the first part of this sequence to discuss the concept of Hungarian gentry, its character, role in society and depiction in literature I wrote about the Hazslinszky family, its roots and most relevant member: Frigyes, representative of the first generation of a ...

Kodet, Roman
Great Britain and China 1908–1909

At the beginning of the 20th century Great Britain had to guard its interests in China against the competition of other Great Powers. The British diplomacy therefore payed close attention to the internal situation in China. It focused mainly on the enforcement of its&#x...

Kočvar, Jan
Germany and the boxer uprising in China

In late 1890’s, a xenophobic Yihetuan (“Boxer”) movement emerged in German sphere of influence in Shandong. In 1900, the movement spread into the neighbouring province of Zhili and was largely tolerated by anti-foreign officials. Foreign diplomats failed to understand this threa...

Knorring, Marc von
Bismarcks Entlassung als Anfang vom Ende? Der Bismarck-Mythos in Autobiographien derWeimarer Republik und des frühen „Dritten Reiches“

Bismarck’s Dismissal as Beginning of the End? The Bismarck-Myth in the Memoirs in the Weimar Republic and at the Beginning of the Third Reich The Bismarck-myth, which glorified the founder of the empire as an omnipotent hero, boomed in Germany after the FirstWorldWar.&...

Kilián, Jan
Die Einwohnerschaft in Bergreichenstein zur Zeit des Dreißigjährigen Krieges

The Population in Kašperské Hory (Bergreichenstein) during the Thirty Years’War This study will focus on the limited possible recognition of changes and development of the population in Kašperské Hory in the period of 1618–1648. It will attempt to determine its numbers, out...

Chvojka, Michal
“Whose realm, his law”: the austrian repression of italian nationalist movement under the reign of Francis I (1815–1835)

This study deals with the Italian question in the Habsburg Monarchy between 1815 and 1835 in terms of the Austrian political and police sources. In the introduction, the author points out the shortcomings of the newly acquired Austrian Italian territories Lombardy and ...

Gulyás, László , Csüllög, Gábor
History of Kosovo from the first Balkan war to the end of world war II (1912–1945)

After the First and Second Balkan Wars (1912–1913) the territory of Kosovo was annexed to the Kingdom of Serbia. This action was made in spite of the fact that the former vilayet of Kosovo definitely had Albanian majority at the time. However, the political e...

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