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Achtenová, Gabriela
Analýza mechanismů s více stupni volnosti

At CTU in Prague was develoed the tool "Sungear" dedicated for analysis of planetary gearboxes consisting of single or nested planetary gearsets; and for analysis of the powersplit CVT or IVT mechanisms with 1 degree of freedom (DOF). In this paper is briefly described&#x...

Zeizinger, Lukáš
Vliv odporů na návrh dálkového pásového dopravníku

The thesis deals with dimensioning of frictional resistors on long distance belt transport. The thesis contains the design of the system and comparison of the necessary power for the drive of the system for various designs. The results summarize the possible sizing of the system.

Wurmová, Petra
Působení autosedaček na fyziologii lidského těla

The use of cars increases every year, so people spend more time at the steering wheel, overcoming ever greater distances, which often forces them to sit in the car seat for hours. Professional drivers, especially truck drivers, know about it. It is therefore very important...

Šaderová, Janka , Marasová, Daniela
Výber nakladacích a dopravných prostriedkov pomocou multikriteriálního hodnotenia

Transportation represents an integral part of the logistics system in each mining company. The most frequently used mineral transportation system in the truck transport. Loading and transportation is important part in the extraction and processing of minerals. The selection of loaading and&#...

Střípek, Martin , Brázda, Robert
Optimalizace manipulačního dopravníku v potravinářském procesu

The food industry is a specific industrial area with high demands on the use of materials with harmless and hygienic standards. The Institute of Transport, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering VŠB-TU Ostrava cooperates with industrial practice with the aim of creating practically focused a...

Slovák, Pavol , Gulan, Ladislav
Simulácia pracovného cyklu mobilného pracovného stroja

The paper deals with simulation of real working cycle of mobile working machine. This is a time-dependent simulation with the possibility of creating borderline situations such as sudden speed changes. This simulation and the data obtained from it are the basis for dimensioning the...

Sedláček, Martin , Štoček, Jiří
Počítačová simulace logistických procesů

Logistic processes planning requires complex view of examined system in cause of enormous number of factors that affect correct logistic functionality in production. Computer simulations could provide this type of view. Implemented logistic process could be optimized in relatively short time ...

Puškár, Dušan , Šoltésová, Marieta , Puškár, Michal
Emisná problematika vozidiel a environmentálne riziká v mestských destináciách

Tento príspevok stručne popisuje aktuálne emisné problémy vozidiel a environmentálne riziká, ktoré predstavujú najmä pre mestské destinácie. Do vývoja nových motorov a protiemisných opatrení sa musia investovať veľké čiastky, ktoré sa vynakladajú často s neistým výsledkom. Využívajú sa rôzne techniké&...

Puškár, Michal , Puškár, Dušan
Analysis of critical points in construction of piston in order to eliminate risks during application of the HCCI technology

Application of the HCCI technology was till now limited due to several principal problems, such as high compression ratios and excessive heat release. Both these factors are influencing local strength of the individual constructional parts concerning the piston combustion engine, whereby the...

Pakosta, Jiří , Achtenová, Gabriela , Hanka, Dalibor
Řadicí objímka vyrobitelná technologií práškové metalurgie

The article is focused on the design of the powder metal shift sleeve of the synchroniser of the automotive manually shifted gearbox. Different designs of standard and powder metal optimised sleeve are presented. The functional steel prototype (manufactured with standard tip procedure) ...

Němec, Ladislav
Některé psychologické aspekty při řešení konstrukčních problémů a jejich promítnutí do výuky studentů-konstruktérů

The paper deals with the scientific model of machine design, respecting the principle of natural brain activity, so-called "problem solving" and this application in teaching of students at the Department of machine design. There are some psychological aspects of creative work as&#x...

Miláček, Ondřej , Vašíček, Michal
Strength analysis of asymmetric involute gearing

In automotive drivetrain there is standardly used symmetric involute gearing. It is given mainly by the production line equipment of manufacturers. But especially in field of automotive where engines are usually turbocharged there are torque demands at both tooth sides very different. F...

Kováč, Ján , Harvánek, Pavol
Analýza metód pre stanovenie rezného odporu v procese rezania dreva

Nowadays, the wood cutting process looks like a technological scheme consisting of several connected and relatively inseparable parts. The crosscutting wood is the most widespread in the process of forest exploitation; it is used at tree exploitation, shortening stems and assortment producti...

Kašpárek, Jaroslav , Škopán, Miroslav , Pokorný, Přemysl
Identifikace silových účinků při pracovním režimu vyvážecího stroje

The paper describes the identification of the force effects using numerical simulations in the MBS software. The aim is to find the force and moment dynamic processes during loading, in which there are the force effects with the possible destructive impacts on the frame struct...

Kaněra, Jaroslav , Achtenová, Gabriela
Možnosti hybridizace vozidla s manuální převodovkou

Drive operated manual transmission holds more than 70% market share in Europe. In certain vehicle segments, this share is even bigger. On the one hand this type of mechanism brings outstanding efficiency but on the other hand cannot provide shifting under torque load, thus lim...

Jasný, Michal , Hajžman, Michal , Achtenová, Gabriela
Multi-body simulation of dog clutch engagement

This paper presents a multi-body simulation model in Adams created for optimization of the dog clutch engagement process, especially minimization of the gearshift time regarding to the shape of dogs. The simulation model was validated using measurements of a prototype dog clutch engagem...

Hrdlička, Filip
Bezdotykové ovládání servomotorů

With a combination of LEAP sensor and Arduino board is possible to recognize different gestures of human hands and use it as output signals for control.

Hrabovský, Leopold
Detekce součinitele adheze při rozjezdu podvěsného jeřábového vozíku

The article describes the research interest of a suitable method, development and implementation of two physical models, which will enable to determine and record the time course of the coefficient of adhesion of driven bevelled cranes in dependence on the applied torque. The model...

Hofman, Jiří
Cenově efektivní náhrada dieselové trakce na nezatrolejovaných regionálních železničních tratích itermodálními bateriovými vozidly

A suitable way to the cost-effective replacement of diesel traction on non-electrified regional railways are battery vehicles with batteries located on replaceable separate low-height waggon, pushed in front of the passenger motor-car and designed as a powerful deformation zone. Thanks to th...

Hofman, Jiří , Čermák, Roman
Complextrans: spolupráce železnice a silnice je prospěšnější než jejich konkurence

Land-transportation can´t further meet its demands. Crowded highways, crowded cities, dangerous emissions, traffic accidents, delays, expensive railways. Solutions are being sought to transfer a large part of passengers- and especially freight-traffic to (high-speed) rail and to go electromobility, car-sha...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25