Title: Design Motocyklu
Other Titles: Motorcycle Design
Authors: Svítil, Václav
Advisor: Korabečný Jan, Mgr. art.
Referee: Soutner Štěpán, Mgr. art.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Document type: bakalářská práce
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/42056
Keywords: motocykl;design;café racer;royal enfield
Keywords in different language: motorcycle;design;café racer;royal enfield
Abstract: Mou prací je návrh závodní kapotáže na motocykl, pro jednoho jezdce. Kapotáž je osazená na motocyklu třídy Custom, vycházejícího z motocyklu Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, rok 2020. Motocykl i kapotáž je ve stylu Café Racer a je určen na závodní okruh. Design kapotáže vychází z jednotného vizuálního stylu Royal Enfield, celá kapotáž je postavena na horizontálním dělení, které rozděluje konstrukční a designovou část.
Abstract in different language: I chose motorcycle design as the topic for my bachelor's thesis and worked closely with a company called Vintage Garage on this project. They specialise in servicing and building custom motorcycles. The project we worked on involved building a unique motorcycle in the style of a Café Racer in order to race on a circuit. Working collaboratively, Vintage Garage and I adapted and tuned a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 to meet the specifications required. I personally designed the entire capote for the motorcycle while Vintage Garage designed the technical aspects of the motorcycle. Working alongside an experienced company also meant that I had to take into account the needs of others within the team and allowed me to improve my work even further by responding to suggestions from knowledgeable colleagues. During the entire design process, I made a conscious effort to stay true to the shape identity of Royal Enfield while also improving the ergonomics and functionality of the fairing. Royal Enfield morphology famously has a strong horizontal division line running through the centre of the bike. This horizontal division not only provides a striking focal point for the bike but also provides a divide between the technical and ornamental part of the bike. This ideology was echoed throughout the design process, from initial sketches to a clay model and finally to the 3D model and visualisations. The fairing I designed included the saddle, tank, front shield and a ram-air intake. The front shield is visually connected to the tank and forms one unit. This change is not merely aesthetic but also increases the performance of the motorcycle due to the change in the aerodynamics of the bike. Similarly, the shape of the seat and tank were designed with the best possible functionality in mind. I chose carbon fibre as the material for the fairing due to its low weight and relative tensile strength, further increasing the racing potential.
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