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Letáková, Drahoslava
Média a experiment

The final work is a stop motion video. In the video, human heads are having a debate. I made the busts from five materials. I bought a polystyrene head, which was the inspiration for the other heads. Next I used plaster, paper, foam and clay. Each of the he...

Chadimová, Pavla
VĚDA A UMĚNÍ, Změněné stavy vědomí a spiritualita

The bachelor thesis focuses on the spiritual emergency, one of the areas of altered states of consciousness. This phenomenon is addressed through a documentary film, which opens the stories of the two protagonists. It reveals progress and integration of this process, and because of...

Burianová, Barbora
Média a experiment

In my bachelor thesis, I decided to study the theme of ''Body Sound'' as a part of the topic ''Media and Experiment''. The work consists of two parts: the art piece itself and the theoretical analysis which serves to describe the art piece. The ...

Jelínek, Jiří
Média a experiment

My work contains 3 paintings, one conrete segment and textile collage. It all makes altar. The theme is choosing the way of living.

Vacková, Štěpánka

The output of my bachelor's thesis is a fictional encyclopedia about the ideal of female beauty. Its aim is to show to the viewer an interesting and sometimes a bit funny view not only of how beauty developed, but how and why was perceived in the past and&#x...

Schmidtová, Nicole
Interpretace architektury

This bachelor thesis is to present unusual piece of architecture, namely boats and houseboats in Třebenice village surroundings. In my photographs I wanted to show the boats and houseboats as unique architectonic objects. My intention was to present each vessel as separate a...

Raspopova, Vera
Autorský Animovaný Film

"Little Death", prolonged state of unconsciousness . What it is like to die? This short animated movie is about my own near death experience, and im asking myself why this happened to me and if I will com back to life? Almost dying changes nothing, dying -&...

Parmová, Kamila
Konstrukce a fikce

This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of dreams, our memory and its relationship to the subconscious, which affects the formation and meaning of dreams. Abstract photographs communicate with each other through two separate cycles on the border of reality and surreality.

Kučerová, Viktorie
Interpretace architektury

In this project I focus on Veleslavin Castle and its history, present and future. Photos in the book are linked with short texts from my great-grandfathers memoirs and archival photos.

Kyllerová, Jana
Konstrukce a fikce

My bachelor's thesis focuses on the topic of Construction and fiction, where I explore the boundaries and the contrast between these two. The inspiration for this set of photos is that the artist should react to the world around him in his work and not just copy&...

Voženílková, Aneta

all my existing works of art are inspired by nature. my work captures the connection between man and nature. My other huge inspiration are people. Your behavior, looks into the distance, which are full of desire, sometimes sadness and worry, sometimes even childish joy....

Porazilová, Johanka
Cyklus maleb na téma rodokmen

As a topic of my bachelor´s thesis, I have chosen my bloodline. Becase I get to know my family better. I wanted to capture thier memories and feelings together with mine about them.

Ramanava, Krystsina
Autorský animovaný film

The subject of my bachelor work is how the person perceives the inner world and how this world influences the person's consciousness. The work is made as a short animated film. The main character tries to fold the rubik's cube, and, then he folds it, he found...

Bernášková, Tereza

Animation music video, for the song "Nafialovělá vnějších srdcí" from Czech music band called Planety, which was made by linocut technique and tells a story about love.

Gašparínová, Lucie
Počítačová hra

The bachelor thesis is about Water-run, an educational game about different states of water for kids of age 6-12 years old. This thesis talks about the development of the game, possible changes and adjustments and it's usage.

Bednářová, Eliška

A film about the theme of magic and mystery, which brings us closer to the mood and taste for the energy that the landscape offers us.

Čejková, Josefína
Cestou podvědomí

I painted 6 paintings that deal with my subconscious. I examine my internal processes and try to record it.

Trnková, Linda
Grafické řešení periodika

The theme of my bachelor thesis is a new grafic design of a metal music periodical. The magazine is called Storm and contains 80 pages on which you can find interviews, reviews, articles and so on. Texts in magazine are accompanied by my photos from music events....

Nosková, Michaela
Vizuální identita historického objektu

The bachelor's thesis is focused on creating the visual identity of the Celtic open-air museum, primarily a functional brand and visual style. The work contains a complete solution to the current errors of the real open-air museum, and connects elements of contemporary graphic...

Chenko, Andrii

The work of the puzzle made two paintings, which I wanted to paint my own view of the modern era. I wanted to capture the hallmarks of our day.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 552