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Recent Submissions

Pomahač, Jan
Úprava svarové přípravy pro robotické svařování

This diploma thesis deals with the application of robotic welding to assemblies of rail vehicle frames with modified weld groove. The aim is to reduce the amount of weld metal and heat input and thus speed up the production process.

Cempírek, Štěpán
Robotické svařování svorníků metodou SRM

The work deals with robotic welding of bolts by SRM method. The theo-retical part describes the basic methods of bolt welding together with the SRM method and high-strength steels. The experimental part describes the programming of the welding robot and how the welding conditions&#...

Somr, Josef
Porézní bioaktivní materiály funkcionalizované nanočásticemi deponovanými pomocí laserové ablace

The diploma thesis is focused on acquainting with the biomaterials used in biomedicine applications oriented on the bone tissue implants. The main aim of the work is to investigate the possibilities for functionalization of the titanium surface with bioactive particles. The experimental ...

Lukášek, Ondřej
Orbitální svařování heterogenních svarových spojů

The diploma thesis deals with the optimalization of orbital welding parameters for heterogenous welded joints between austenitic and carbon steel. The theoretical part desribes the behavior of heterogenous welded joints during welding, TIG welding and technology of orbital welding. The experiment...

Vach, Ondřej
Testování polymerních síťovin používaných v zemědělství

The subject of the diploma thesis was the investigation of PE-HD nets and their behavior at elevated temperatures and humidity together with a constant load. So exactly the same conditions as nets on baled hay are usually found. The aim was to obtain a methodology that&#x...