Katedra materiálu a strojírenské metalurgie / Department of Material Science and Techology

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Vítovec, Vilém
Hodnocení kvality ozubených kol vhodnými metodami NDT

Bachelor thesis is focused on non-destructive testing of mate-rials with respect to the use of gears and components used for gearing. In theoretical part are captured non-destructive tests for the evaluation of gears and other machine components. In addition there are also mentioned...

Šimon, Petr
Vlastnosti ODS ocelí určené pro reaktory IV. generace

The theoretical part of the bachelor deals with the description, the use, production and welding technology ODS steel. The practical part includes measuring grain size, measuring microhardness by Vickers, tensile tests for high temperature, chemical composition and method of EBSD ODS steels.

Tochylin, Mykhailo
Příprava vysoce prokovaného polotovaru pro výrobu obráběcího nástroje

The aim of the thesis is to verify the technological process of forging the high-speed tool steel, which had been implemented with the high deformation degree by repeating of the upseting and drawing out forging operations to achieve a very fine homogeneous structure. This way...

Michálek, Pavel
Návrh materiálu pro oplachovou vanu chromovací linky

The goal of this thesis is to select suitable material for rinsing bath in chrome plating line. The line is in Buzuluk a.s. company and is designed for piston ring plating. Chrome plating process, various types of rinsing baths and corrosion principles are described...

Hajšman, Jan
Mikrostruktura a vlastnosti kompozitních materiálů na polymero-organické bázi

This bachelor thesis is focused on characterisation and quantitative evaluation of polymer-organic composites microstructure. The main objective is to develop a method of metallographic examination of polymer-organic composites.