Katedra materiálu a strojírenské metalurgie / Department of Material Science and Techology


Recent Submissions

Vrána, Tomáš
Teplotní exploatace ocelí pro energetická zařízení

The thesis deals with the problem of degradation of mechanical properties of steel 15 128, caused by long-term exposure to increased temperature, chemical and pressure influences. Furthermore, the thesis investigates the possibilities of improving these mechanical properties, primarily through heat&#x...

Káca, Ondřej
Tepelné zpracování aditivně vyrobených dílů z nástrojové oceli AISI H13

The diploma thesis addresses issues in the field of additive technologies, specifically focusing on metallic materials. The theoretical part provides an overview of various methods for 3D printing of metal, with particular emphasis on SLM, DLMD, and BMD technologies. Additionally, the thesis...

Beňasová, Hana
Hodnocení kvality svarových spojů vyrobených z korozivzdorné ocele COR 13-4

This thesis deals with the evaluation of the quality of welded joints made of COR13-4 stainless steel, which reflects the problem of repairing defects on water turbine bodies caused by cavitation. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the quality of COR13-4 stainless steel...

Taranda, Tomáš
Hodnocení vlivu procesních parametrů HVOF nástřiku na mechanické a tribologické vlastnosti tvrdokovových povlaků

The diploma thesis focuses on evaluating the influence of process parameters in the HVOF thermal spraying technology on the mechanical and tribological properties of hardmetal coatings. The theoretical part includes the principle of thermal spraying technology, the classification of thermal spray...

Bystřická, Tereza
Vliv tepelného zpracování na termofyzikální a mechanické vlastnosti oceli se sníženou hustotou

The diploma thesis deals with the research of steels alloyed with aluminum to obtain materials with a lower density while maintaining the quality of the mechanical properties. The experimental part describes two different types of steels alloyed with 5 wt.% and 7 wt.% aluminum....