Katedra materiálu a strojírenské metalurgie / Department of Material Science and Techology


Recent Submissions

Prokop, Jiří
Výhody a nevýhody mezi obloukovým svařováním a pájením tenkých plechů do tloušťky 3 mm

The main goal of this bachelor thesis is a dissertation on welding and production of thin steel and aluminum sheets. The emphasis is on the parameters and the specific process of welding by MIG / MAG, TIG and soldering. The work is a thematic work on the ge...

Kout, Jan
Posuzování vlastností funkčně graduovaných materiálů na bázi Ti deponovaných pomocí 3D tisku metodou přímé depozice

The thesis discusses the properties characterization of functionally graded materials concerning deposition parameters. Due to the control of the chemical composition of each deposited layer, it is possible to manufacture components with unique properties. The theoretical part deals with a summar...

Reischig, David
Hodnocení mikrostruktury kovových archeologických artefaktů

Theoretical part of bachelor's work contains decription on the theme of light microscopy, electron microscopy and evaluation of metallographics cuts. The aim of this thesis is to describe structures of individual arrowheads and to gather additional information about steel m...

Bílek, Vojtěch
Zvyšování odolnosti ocelí vůči opotřebení

The bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of methods for increasing wear resistance in HO and MS1 material. This is heat treatment, nitriding, shot peening. These methods are compared in terms of wear and hardness in order to find the most suitable method for increasing&#x...

Weinar, Michal
Metoda Hot stamping a možnosti jejího dalšího vývoje

The diploma thesis deals with the development of the heat treatment technology of sheet metal parts with a focus on the automotive industry. The aim of the thesis is the design of a technology for the processing of high-strength steel sheets to achieve a heterogeneous mat...