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Jansa, Zdeněk
Vliv tepelného působení na mikrostrukturu a vlastnosti zirkoniových slitin

This thesis consist describing of zirkonium and their alloys. Also deals with the question of phase transformation with low and high-temperature exposure.especially in relation to the accident of nuclear reactors called LOCA (Loos-of-coolant-accident). Experimental program is focused on the evaluation...

Formanová, Ludmila
Vliv kryogenního zpracování na vlastnosti kovových materiálů

Aim of this master's thesis is to create higher dispersion of formed nitrides by use of cryogenic treatment in nitriding process. This should lead to better wear resistance, corrosion resistance a better toughness and hardness of nitriding layer. Use of cryogenic heat treatment ...

Brotánek, Jan
Vliv dlouhodobého tepelného zpracování na oduhličení a mechanické vlastnosti oceli

This thesis deals with the decarburization of the poured tests of castings which are subsequently used for test samples for the mechanical properties and which are provided to custumer with required část. In the theoretical part of this thesis is given all necessary backround ...

Kožehuba, Ján
Robotizace svařovacích technologií.

This diploma thesis deals with the robotization of welding processes by determining the appropriate technological process for the welding of 2 mm thick stainless steel austenitic steels used for the production of pressure tanks. The theoretical part focuses on suitable welding technology...

Bergmanová, Petra
Hodnocení kritické velikosti vměstků ve vysokopevných ocelích z hlediska iniciace únavových trhlin.

The aim of the DP is to develop a procedure for the evaluation of the micro-cleanness of steels with increased fatigue strength achieved by reducing the number of inclusions by the method: Based on the measured values of the non-metal inclusions sizes by means of the ...

Černý, Jan
Optimalizace vysokorychlostního záznamu pro použití u svařovacích procesů

The master's thesis focuses on the use of high speed cameras in the field of welding. The aim is to obtain a high speed record of the welding process from the orbital welding of stainless steel tubes by the TIG method. An analysis of this welding...

Kotous, Jakub
Pokročilé metody tepelného zpracování pružinových ocelí

The main objective is to compare microstructures and properties of spring steel 54SiCr6 after two different types of spheroidising treatment. In the introduction, type of springs steel are characterized and descriptions are given of their heat treatment. Effects of heat treatment on the...

Samek, Petr
Korozní odolnost heterogenních svarů na jaderných elektrárnách

This diploma thesis deals with the lifetime of dissimilar welded joints in the conditions of the secondary circuit of VVER. The theoretical part describes the problems associated with corrosion resistance of dissimilar welded joints and degradation processes, which significantly affect their ...

Burda, Vít
Přínos tenké vrstvy pro zvýšení korozní odolnosti tepelných upínačů

This diploma thesis is focused on evaluation of the contribution of thin film to increase corrosion resistance of shrink fit chucks. The samples with thin film are compared to conventional shrink fit chucks with mass finishing surface and shot peened surface samples. Diploma thesis...

Jícha, Jan
Zhodnocení tepelného vlivu laseru na mikrostrukturu a vlastnosti HVOF žárových nástřiků

The presented diploma thesis is focused on application of the laser surface remelting technology onto of HVOF sprayed hardmetal-based coating. The Cr3C2-25%CoNiCrAlY thermal sprayed coating was melted by a high powerdiode laser. The microstructure of the heat-affected coating was examined by ...

Čapek, Daniel
Pokus o přípravu bioodbouratelných objemových materiálů na bázi celulózy a vybraných minerálních plniv

The diploma thesis deals with the preparation of biodegradable material based on cellulose and thermoplastic starch. Background of thesis is based on knowledge about paper pulp manufacturing process and composition. There is a way how to get hydrofobic properties and higher tensile stre...

Váca, Tomáš
Porovnání NDT odezvy od různých typů umělých i provozních vad

The focus of this work is to state the basics of the individual NDT methods used, their possibilities of use, advantages and disadvantages. It also contains a comparison of these methods and refers to calibration and test samples. The experimental part consists of testing vari...

Rádl, Karel
Tribologické vlastnosti nanokompozitních organicko-anorganických povlaků

The diploma thesis deals with the preparation and evaluation of organic-inorganic coatings and films with different types of fillers, which could be used in the field of packaging tech-nology. The main objective is to select the most suitable al-ternative from a selection of select...

Monhart, Petr
Využití UDDG jako plniva pro kompozitní kovové povlaky

The aim of this diploma thesis is to verify under laboratory conditions that the application of UDDG as a filler in a metallic nickel matrix coating made by galvanic plating can increase the abrasion resistance of this composite coating compared to the nickel coating itself.

Kotrba, Matěj
Využití 3d tisku k výrobě vzorků z prášků slinutých karbidů

This thesis focuses on 3D printing of sintered carbides by SLM technology - Sintering Laser Melting and builds on experiments from abroad. The purpose of this thesis was to make sintered carbide using SLM technology and to perform porosity and corrosion resistance testing. Next,&#x...

Norek, Michal
Návrh a kvalifikace oprav svarových spojů na JE metodou WELD OVERLAY

This thesis solves the new method of repair of welds. This method of repair is named WOL (overlay). The new method is more economical and cheaper than current method. The principle of the WOL method is the overlay weld on original weld, where the defect is indicated....

Vlasák, Jakub
Vývoj mikrostruktury žáropevných ocelí během klasických a zrychlených zkoušek tečení

The goal of this thesis is to compare microstructure of samples used for conventional and accelerated creep tests, which should simulate the same degree of the material degration. Samples were machined from a trial dissimilar weld joint of the rotor made of the COST FB2 a...

Boček, Jakub
Zvýšení korozní odolnosti laserem navařeného prášku na bázi NiCrSiB legováním práškové směsi antikorozními prvky

The diploma thesis deals with laser cladding technology and its application in cladding of corrosion resistant coatings. It also deals with corrosion resistance of corrosion resistant layers and corrosion resistance testing. In the experimental part, the influence of alloying molybdenum on t...

Kareš, Michal
Tenké vrstvy na pístní kroužky

This diploma thesis aims to define terms like piston rings and its characteristics, focusing mainly on surface adjustments used in connection with piston ringhs. The experimental part of the thesis deals with comparsion of selected properties of chromium-based surface treatments currently in...

Růžička, Tomáš
Technologie lití nízkotlakých odlitků a optimalizace výrobního procesu

The main task of this diploma thesis was to propose measures leading to the conversion casting of the compressor housing for the CNG filling station into series production at the company MOTOR JIKOV Slévárna a. s., division Pressure foundry. This part is produced by low-pressu...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 67