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Recent Submissions

Mejtil, Lukáš
Využití technologie aditivní výroby v průmyslové praxi

This bachelor thesis presents brief history, technological process of production and summary of available technologies of additive production. Then it outlines the possibilities where the technology of additive production is directed. In the practical part, it points to the problem of...

Procházková, Tereza
Role logistiky v konceptu Průmysl 4.0

The bachelor thesis focuses on the characteristic description of the Industry 4.0 concept. More specifically, the bachelor thesis focuses on partial technologies, concept development, and I also dealt with the description of the initiative in the advanced countries of the world and subs...

Černý, Michal
Implementace metody SMED ve vybraném podniku

The thesis deals with the implementation of the SMED method in Stro-jírna Soběslav, s. r. o. The theoretical part is devoted to the issue of lean production, waste and related methods for identification and elimination of waste. In addition, the thesis deals with the descripti...

Pompl, Michael
Tvorba podkladů pro inovaci výuky Technické Informatiky \nl{}v C# jazyce

The main goal of bachelor thesis is the creation of a support documentation for technical informatics. The documentation is based on TI lectures. There was a research of several resources. With the useage of decision analysis (Saaty´s matrix) the most suitable option for crea...

Krákora, David
Tvorba montážního návodu ve 3D

Bachelor thesis deals with an assembly instruction creation in 3D. It focuses on virtual environment and example of practical utilization in the enterprise. In the main practical part of the thesis a simple assembly proces using 3D animation is created. The first part presents ...