Katedra průmyslového inženýrství a managementu / Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

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Zacharda, Karel
Analýza trendů v oblasti ERP systémů

The bachelor thesis is focused on current trends concerning ERP systems. In addition, it describes the development of ERP systems and the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on ERP systems. The thesis is complemented by several specific examples of current solutions. The cas...

Coufal, Martin
Národní iniciativa Průmysl 4.0 - doporučení pro průmysl a společnost

The first part of this thesis is for description of main principles of Industry 4.0 concept. There were described technologies which are typical for this concept and effects of their implementation. After that it was made a research of the most important foreign initiatives, w...

Hanzík, Lukáš
Tvorba interaktivních modulárních komponent pro virtuální prostředí v rámci konceptu Digitální továrny

This bachelor thesis describes the development of digital models of several machines and inventory equipment and making of source codes which describe functions and interactions of these models. Models and scripts are saved as a file library in such manner to allow them to be&...

Peteřík, Adam
Balancování výrobní linky

This thesis is about balancing of production lines and the goals of this theses are, to study the lean manufacturing issue, to describe important industrial engineering methods which are helping with lean manufacturing. The stress is putted on methods which are analyzing the condit...

Gryga, Michal
Doplnění výkresové a montážní dokumentace o prvky rozšířené reality

This bachelor work is based on theme Augmented Reality, which works on the principle of placing virtual objects in the real scene. The work describes Augmented Reality basic principles, devices and areas of use for regular users. As an example, there are few industrial solutio...