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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Influence of electrically conductive adhesive amount on shear strength of glued jointsSteiner, František; Hirman, Martin
2018Kontaktování SMD součástek na flexibilní DPS s pomocí nevodivých lepidelNavrátil, Jiří; Hirman, Martin
2013Optimalizace skladových procesůHirman, Martin
2019Optimization of apertures shapes in stencil for ECA printing to connecting of SMD components on PCBsHirman, Martin; Steiner, František
2020Optimization of contacting technological process on printed conductive pattern for wearable electronicsBenešová, Andrea; Hirman, Martin; Hlína, Jiří; Tupa, Jiří; Steiner, František; Řeboun, Jan
2019Project management during the industry 4.0 implementation with risk factor analysisHirman, Martin; Benešová, Andrea; Steiner, František; Tupa, Jiří
2019Relationship of soldering profile, voids, formation and strength of soldered jointsSteiner, František; Wirth, Václav; Hirman, Martin
2019Reliability of glued joints on flexible substrates during accelerated current ageingHirman, Martin; Navrátil, Jiří; Steiner, František; Hamáček, Aleš
2020Reliability of glued SMD components on smart textileHirman, Martin; Navrátil, Jiří; Steiner, František; Hamáček, Aleš
2019Requirements for education 4.0 and study programs within industry 4.0Benešová, Andrea; Hirman, Martin; Steiner, František; Tupa, Jiří
2019The testing of brass solderability for hybrid sewing threadPavec, Martin; Hirman, Martin; Soukup, Radek; Hamáček, Aleš