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Seligmann, Dorée Duncan , Edmark, John T.
Automatically generated 3D virtual environments for multimedia communication

We describe how we use 3D graphics in order to enhance multimedia communication. We have developed a system which automatically generates a virtual environment consisting of a dynamic visualization of, and control mechanisms for, multimedia interaction. Our system automatically generates customiz...

Přikryl, Jan
On mesh preprocessing for radiosity

In this poster we discuss methods of radiosity mesh preprocessing for more accurate radiosity solutions. We present a mesh preprocessing approach improving the geometry description of the scene data and exploiting a restricted set of discontinuities or the geometrical approach for shadow...

Pogoda, A. , Steinhage, V.
Building detection in edge-representation of aerial images by means of heuristic histogram analysis

We present a new approach for the detection of buildings in digital aerial images. It uses heuristic analysis of edge orientation and edge position histograms, that are performed within a sampling of an edge based representation of the input image. The result is a map tha...

Magová, Iveta , Ferko, Andrej , Niepel, Ludovít
On edges elimination for the shortest mesh

The construction of more representative wire flame models in 3D or the shortest mesh in the plane motivate the further research of the minimum weight triangulation problem. The paper gives the detailed state-of-the-art report on recent results.

Marcheix, David , Gueorguieva, Stefka
Nibble meshing: an algorithm for triangulation of non-manifold solid boundary

A computational method, called Nibble algorithm, for triangulation of non-manifold solid boundary is proposed. The algorithm is based on and incremental boundary traversal technique. The mesh generator creates a mesh element-by-element until the whole region is covered no matter the domain c...

Marák, Ivo , Beneš, Bedřich , Slavík, Pavel
Terrain erosion model based on rewriting of matrices

This paper introduces a new approach to erosions of models of terrains. This approach is based on two dimensional generalization of the rewriting process - array grammars. A height field representing the terrain is considered as the matrix and context sensitive rewriting of this&#x...

Maňas, Pavel
Zkušenosti s výukou CAD systémů na Vojenské akademii v Brně, katedře ženijních konstrukcí

Mabin, Frédéric H. , Mongenet, Catherine
Sewing faces: a topological reconstruction of 6-connected objects bounding surfaces in 3D digital images

We present a new algorithm, called "Sewing Faces". From 3d images defined by a block of voxels, this algorithm based on a contour following reconstructs bounding surfaces of 6-connected objects. A bounding surface is a set of faces shared by two voxels: one belonging ...

Luciani, Annie , Godard, Arnaud
Simulation of physical object construction featuring irreversible state changes

In this paper, we firstly assume that the physical properties of a physical object, specially transformations of these objects such as fractures or solidification, are the result of a initial changing of state called "the physical construction process". We secondly assume that ...

Loukipoudis, Evgueni N.
Extending a constructive solver with constraints inferred by variable topology parametrisation

The paper presents the internal graph-constructive representation of parametrised geometry in a CAD system that supports the design of objects with variable topology. A constructive constraint solver is extended by adding two implicit constraints: ed (equal distance) and ea (equal angle). Th...

Lorenz, Mario , Chavelski, Stanislav
Computer modelling and case studies

This paper presents the main concepts of computer modelling and two case studies describing their use in apllications for GIS (geographic-informational systems) and VR (virtual reality). It exmplains the general terms and gives some definitions. The several steps of modelling are investigate...

Lionello, Roberto
Three dimensional imaging for magnetohydrodynamic computations

Data produced by three dimensional MHD calculations are often difficult to visualize. Here we present a technique to view field lines of vector fields and one to display multiple isosurfaces of scalar fields. These methods do not rely on expensive commercial software and...

Liége, Sylvain , Hégron, Gérard
An incremental declarative modelling applied to urban layout design

In this paper, we present an interactive declarative modelling approach devoted to the design of urban layout. Declarative modelling palliates the weaknesses of imperative techniques. The scene model is described by means of properties without knowing explicitly its geometrical model. From a...

Korfiatis, Ioannis , Paker, Yakup
3D object metamorphosis through energy minimisation

This paper presents a technique for smoothly blending some special categories of three dimensional polygonal objects. Polygon blending is usually considered a two-part process: generating vertex correspondences and interpolating between corresponding vertices to create the intermediate polygons. This paper...

Kim, Min-Ah , Lee, Eun-Jeong , Cho, Hwan-Gue , Park, Kie-Jung
A visualization technique for DNA walk plot using k-convex hull

In this paper we propose a new visualization technique to characterize qualitative information of a large DNA sequence. While a long DNA sequence has huge information, it is not easy to obtain genetic information from the DNA sequence visually. We transform DNA sequences into ...

Kang, Yong-Bin , Yu, Young-Jung , Cho, Hwan-Gue
A new image warping technique using mesh patterned textile

In this paper we propose an efficient image warping technique to simulate arbitrary texture images onto real clothings. Till now lots of apparel modeling tools were announced to help clothing designers. Previous works were done mainly on modeling for the fabric dynamics to simulate...

Cho, Han-Gue
On the expected number of common edges in delaunay and greedy triangulation

So far some average-case properties in the Delaunay and greedy triangulation were given by complicated probabilistic analysis. In this paper, we present a rather simpler proof on that the expected number of common edges between Delaunay and Greedy triangulation is at least 40% when...

Hirose, Michitaka , Ogi, Testuro , Riesterer, Michel
Program visualization in a virtual environment

The content of this paper describes the work carried out in the authors´ laboratory to create a concept demonstrator of program visualization in a virtual environment. Understanding and maintaining programs is a difficult task, even when the programs have been well designed and eng...

Heijs, A. W. J. , Janssen, W.B.J.M. , Lowe, C. P. , Bakker, A. F. , Leenders, R.
Combined smoothing and decimation of complex pore network geometries

A new approach to visualize local and global features of water patterns in complex pore networks in clay soils is presented. The pore network topology and water distribution in a soil sample were determined using computed tomography measurements and three-dimensional image processing te...

Hartl, Martin , Křupka, Ivan , Poliščuk, Radek , Liška, Miroslav
Computer-aided evaluation of chromatic interferograms

A computer-aided system for the reconstruction of a thin fluid film shape from chromatic interference colours is presented conceptually and the parts of the system are demonstrated. The interference colour evaluation technique is based on the idea of replacing human eye by a simple...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 59