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Steiner, F. , Stuna, J. , Hirman, M.
Temperature stable solder pastes: properties and reliability

This article deals with one of the newest trends in soldering that means a using of the temperature stable solder pastes. These pas tes do not need to be stored in fridge and do not need to be ...

Husák, M. , Laposa, A. , Kulha, P. , Nepras, P.
Analyzer of liquid chemical substances

The article describes the principles of analysis of pollutants in water by molecular absorption spectrometry . The spectrometer is used for analysis. Design and implementation of software for the evaluation of water analysis is part of the work . The s&#x...

Skácel, Josef , Otáhal, Alexandr , Řihák, Pavel , Szendiuch, Ivan
The quality of BGA solder joint with underfill

This paper deals with investigation of mechanical behavior (shear strength) of soldered BGA package with and without underfill on FR4 and Al2O3 carriers. BGA soldered on FR4 (ENIG) had higher value of shear strength than BGA soldered on alumina substrate...

Novák, Lukáš , Pořízka, Pavel , Novotný, Jan , Šteffan, Pavel , Kaiser, Jozef
Bootloader for sci-trace

This paper describes a realization of Bootloader for microcontrollers AVR and investigates a design for its implementation into the Sci-Trace device. Electronics in Sci-Trace consists of control board, patch board and secondary modules. Patch board only function is to connect the control...

Beshajová Pelikánová, I. , Močička, J.
The viscosity thermal dependence of paste material for electronics

The work is focused on properties of paste materials for electronics. Soldering pastes and pastes for screen printing were tested. The dynamic viscosity dependencies of pastes were analyzed. Viscosity of paste strongly affected the result of technological process. Viscosity is changed with&#...