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Otáhal, Alexandr , Szendiuch, Ivan , Šefara, Petr
Mechanical behavior of SMD solder joint soldered under nitrogen atmosphere

Main aim of this work was investigate mechanical behavior of SMD soldered under nitrogen atmosphere. Several concentrations of nitrogen in soldering area were used. Shear force was established as mechanical parameter for describing of reliability of solder joint. Different sizes of SMD ...

Otáhal, Alexandr , Crha, Adam , Růžička, Richard , Szendiuch, Ivan , Šimek, Václav
Optimization of through-hole plating method for prototyping

This paper deals with optimizing of copper plating process for manufacturing of small amount of printed circuit boards. This treatise describe problematic of copper plating based on reverse pulse. Main discussed procedure in this paper is activation of printed circuit board surfa...

Macháč, Petr , Valentová, T. , Bláhová, V.
Direct growth of graphene on SiO2/Si substrate

This work is focused on graphene preparation using the transfer-free method from a metal/C/SiO2/Si structure. We used nickel and cobalt as the metal layer. The technological process of graphene preparation is based on an optimization of metal thickness and anneal...

Kroutil, Jiří , Laposa, Alexandr , Husák, Miroslav
Spectrometer for toxic gases detection with pyroelectric multispectral detector

The aim of the paper is to present results of design spectrometer for toxic gases detection with pyroelectric multispectral detector. Sensing of toxic gases is very important in many applications. Automotive, defense, aerospace, agriculture,chemicalindustry, medicine, environmental,food and drink are...

Kadlečíková, Magdaléna , Breza, Juraj , Klotton, G. , Kolmačka, Michal , Vančo, Ľubomír
Redesign of the supply electronics of the temperature gauge in a HF CVD reactor

HF CVD (hot filament chemical vapour deposition) reactor is a technological apparatus in which carbon nanotubes are synthesized on various substrates. The reactor operates on the principle of pyrolysis...

Znbill, Laila , Boušek, Jaroslav
Packaging and installation of the organic photovoltaic cells

To overcome the p roblem with gradual degradation of organic solar cells the concept of replacement of " worn - out " organic solar cells is proposed. Considering the current costs of installation and current price of ...

Somer, Jakub , Urban, František , Urban, František , Szendiuch, Ivan
Optical pressure sensors in LTCC technology

This paper deals with the design, manufacturing and measurement of optical pressure sensors developed in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic technology. Tw o types of the optical measurement methods were used for the pressure sensing...

Dušek, Karel , Tichý, Pavel , Šimek, Miroslav , Klof, Radek
How to rework underfilled BGA

A Bal l Grid Array (BGA) component has become one of the most popular packaging alternatives for high density integrated electronics devices. BGA packages become smaller and electrical equipment &...

Belas, Eduard , Grill, Roman , Moravec, Pavel , Vasylchenko, Igor
Oxidation - inhibited electroless preparation of (CdZn)Te - Au contacts

Gold contacts electrolessly deposited on (CdZn)Te surface from methanol and water - based solutions were studied. We have observed strong injection at voltages higher than 100 V that disa ppeared when using contacts on lateral sides ...

Bouřa, Adam
Single-coil metal detector limits

The paper deals with the single-coil metal detector. It presents measurement and test results that predict practical limitations of this detection concept. The studied principle is based on the coil’s inductivity change when a metal object is approached. This princi...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 10 of 10