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Čechurová, Markéta
Angličtina v dánské kultuře: Dánsko očima mezinárodního studenta

This undergraduate thesis deals with Danish and Czech culture, their differences, similarities and comparison through using cultural intelligence with focus on education system. This work discusses, how could Danish teaching methods be applied in Czech environment and that they could have po...

Chu, Kateřina
Hodnota soukromí, tlachání a domova očima Angličanů

This thesis includes three chapters that work with three values of the English - privacy, home and gossip. It describes the historical context of these values and explains the connection between them. The thesis works with theories of two great anthropologists, Kate Fox and Je...

Fenzelová, Markéta
Vzdělávání v dílech sester Brontëových

The Brontë sisters lived in the Victorian era, a time of much change in education. This thesis describes some of these changes and how the sisters' lives were influenced by education in this period. Both historical accounts of education in Victorian England, as well as...

Janáč, Filip
Imigrace v dílech T. C. Boyla, J. Kincaidové a M. Hamida

This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of immigration in the books The Tortilla Curtain, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and Lucy. The aim was to compare all of these three books in terms of migration, integration, and the response towards the immigrants. The thesis includes ...

Baloun, Tomáš
Využití videoher ke zlepšení kulturní inteligence

The object of this undergraduate thesis is video games and their benefits for players in intercultural interactions. The goal of this thesis is to explore and clarify ways in which video games improve the cultural intelligence of players, mainly because the general public perceives...

Mitro, Šimon
Příběhy imigrantů v britských filmech

This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of immigration in the films District 9 and Children of Men. The aim was to compare the two films in terms of migration and to find out whether real events and stories of immigrants inspired the creators, and whether the ...

Vacková, Mária
Časté chyby ve výslovnosti studentů anglického jazyka

The thesis deals with the most frequent mistakes in English pronunciation made by Czech students. First, the theoretical background explains the crucial terms of phonetics, presents the IPA and provides the classification of English phonemes. The practical part analyses recordings of the...

Hejhalová, Simona
Empatie a fikce

The aim of this thesis was to examine the connection between reading fiction literature and CQ and empathy. This work provides theoretical background on cultural intelligence, empathy and fiction. It describes the requirements a work of fiction should meet in order to help with...

Löffelmannová, Karolína
Přísloví v anglickém a českém jazyce

The thesis deals with comparison of proverbs in English and their equivalents in Czech. There are two main parts of the thesis, Theoretical Background and Practical Part. In the Theoretical Background there is introduced the term 'proverb'. The description of the terms necessary...

Hlaváček, Jakub
Přenesené významy v citátech slavných osobností

This thesis deals with the transfer of meaning, as well as other figures of speech found in famous quotes. Its aim is to study the frequency in which the quotes occur and the effect to which the meaning are subjected to during translation from English into Czech ...

Bušek, Martin
Terry Pratchett a jeho dílo Soudné sestry - analýza a porovnání se Shakespearovým dílem

This thesis deals with Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters. It analyses excerpts from the book and compares them with Shakespeare's plays that have inspired the book - Hamlet and Macbeth. The thesis has three chapters. The first studies the settings, themes and characters of Wyr...

Klímová, Zuzana
Gerundium v anglické větě - teoretický popis syntaktické role ve větné struktuře

This bachelor thesis describes the use of a gerund within a sentence structure and looks at all the possible syntactic roles. First, the theoretical part deals with the ing-form of a verb as such and it explains why it can be considered a deverbal noun, participle an...

Pelouchová, Anna
Překlad idiomů v českých titulcích v britských a amerických filmech

This thesis deals with the problem of translation of idioms in film subtitles. It aims to study different approaches and quality of translation done by a professional translator and by amateur ones. The primary presupposition is that idioms are more misunderstood and wrongly transl...

Weinarová, Tereza
Jazyková analýza pohádkového textu z hlediska přeneseného významu slov

This undergraduate thesis is focused on the occurrence of transferred meaning in fairy tale genre. Accordingly, to allocate transfer of meaning in the text it is necessary to understand semantics - meaning, components of meaning, changes of meaning, transfer of meaning and figurative&#x...

Hrachovinová, Lucie
Překlad písní z anglického jazyka do jazyka českého a použité jazykové prostředky

This thesis focuses on figures of speech used in English song lyrics and on the way they are translated into the Czech version of the lyrics. The aim of this work is to compare the used language means in English song lyrics and their translated counterparts in o...

Hrbáčková, Kristýna
Analýza anglické rozkazovací věty z hlediska větné modality - teorie a praxe

The thesis deals with an English imperative sentence, both in terms of form and function. The paper consists not only of the theory of the whole topic but also of the practice - the analysis of the 205 imperative clauses implemented in the form of commentary at ...

Maglia, Jan
Jonathan Swift: Lidská povaha na pozadí Guliverovy cesty do země Hvajninimů

Bachelor work focuses on human nature on the background of Gulliver´s Travels. The main focus lies on the chapter Voyage to Houyhnhnms. The work compares the society and style of living of Houyhnhnms, humans and Yahoos and discusses if Swift´s description represent more Utopia ...

Santana horváthová, Veronika
Hrdinky románů sester Bronteových a žena 19. století

I dedicated my Bachelor thesis to women. I described, how important it was for women to read novels. How creating relations in the 19th century was closely connected with reading literature together, common debates and reflections about books. I also devoted part of&#x...

Golčáková, Tereza
Uplatnění infinitivu a gerundia v anglické větě

This thesis deals with the gerund and infinitive. It includes their definition, description of their syntactic functions and classification of verbs which may be complemented with the infinitive and the gerund.

Kunzová, Apolena
Analýza knihy Daleká cesta za domovem od Richarda Adamse - Kunz

The goal of this bachelor thesis is to investigate the manner and the degree of anthropomorphization of an animal hero in selected works of English written literature: Wind in the Willows by K. Grahame, Animal Farm by G. Orwell, Watership Down by R. Adams. In the the...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 183