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Plechatá, Žaneta
Středověké Strakonice jako aristokratická a řádová rezidence

My thesis focuses on the history of the town Strakonice from the 13th to 15th century. In this work I primarily focus on the specific situation of the castle which was held by Bavors of Strakonice and at the same time it was a commendary of the Order of...

Zikmundová, Lucie
Cechy a řemeslnická sdružení v Rakovníku

This thesis deals with the issues of artisan unions and guilds in the royal town of Rakovník. The thesis describes the history and transformation of the organisation of guilds. The text is organised chronologically and each chapter dedicate to certain era. Initially, the descriptio...

Švarc, Václav
J. V. Sládek a jeho rodné město Zbiroh

The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the life of the poet Josef Václav Sládek in connection with his hometown Zbiroh. Furthermore, the thesis examines poetry of J. V. Sládek, his poetry collections, and also his translation work particularly translations of important&#...

Strejček, Štěpán
Rok 1968 ve vzpomínkách občanů okresu Cheb

In this bachelor thesis I deal with comprehensive information about 1968 in the area of Cheb. This thesis submit the main event which is invasion of Warshaw Pact troops - i. e. 21st August and events related to this date. This bachelor thesis is just foc...

Jahn, Pavel
Klatovský rodák Karel Slavoj Amerling a jeho dílo

The bachelor thesis deals with the native of Klatovy Karel Slavoj Amerling. He focuses on his life and work. The bachelor thesis deals with updating the awareness of Karel Slavoj Amerling. The questionnaire survey is part of the work.

Mašlová, Kristýna
Jan Sladký Kozina ve světle české beletrie a filmu

This Bachelor's Thesis deals with matters in Chodsko at the end of 17th century. The whole Thesis contains 6 chapters out of which the first five are purely compilation and descriptive and the sixth is applied. Within the first part is concisely described the history ...

Slavíková, Veronika
Významná plzeňská rodina Petákových a jejich přínos Plzni na přelomu 19. a 20. století

The Peták family belongs to important Pilsen personalities. In the years 1892-1917 Václav Peták served as burgomaster in Pilsen. He contributed significantly to the flourishing of the Pilsen education, further initiated the reconstruction of the Pilsen streets, including the suburbs and the&...

Šmídová, Anežka
Měšťanské rodiny v Plzni v 17. a 18. století

The bachelor thesis The Burgher Families in the 17th and 18th Century presents a selection of the most important families and their representatives in the given period. It deals with their social status and life. The work focuses mainly on the most prominent and important ...

Stránský, Michal
Okolnosti a události, které formovaly čs. dobrovolníka v programu zvláštních úkolů

The subject of this thesis is a program of clandestine parachute operations organized by the Czechoslovak government in exile in London during WWII. The aim of this thesis is a detailed analysis of key factors that formed the program which used espionage, intelligence, sabotage...

Šmerdová, Veronika
Náboženství v životě starověkých Řeků

The bachelor thesis describes the history of everyday life of ancient Greeks in the area of religion. In the introductory part of the thesis is described the development of the ancient Greek religion, followed by the main part devoted to the relationship of man to the...

Slepičková, Daniela
Architekt František Sammer a jeho význam pro Plzeň

The subject of the bachelor thesis is the life and work of Pilsen architect František Sammer, who contributed significantly to the post-war appearance of the city of Pilsen.

Glazer, Tomáš
Osudy českých reemigrantů z rumunského Gerníku po roce 1989

Thanks to internet and serious medium we are inform about problematic of communities in Czech Republic and in the world. There is a community, which is probably unknow for Czechs - Czech re-emigrants from Romanian Banat. We get new information about these people, but they ...

Kalinová, Michaela
Opereta a muzikál Divadla Josefa Kajetána Tyla v Plzni v proměnách času

The bachelor thesis is focused on the historical development of the operetta and musical ensemble of the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre in Pilsen. I will deal with the development of operetta and musical ensembles from 1868 to the present. The whole work will be accompanied by...

Fojtíková, Adéla
Vojta Beneš - život a odkaz na severním Plzeňsku

Vojta Benes was a Czech teacher, politician, writer and brother of President Edvard Benes. His work of life remains diminished. Vojta Benes became an important Czech teacher not only in the Czech lands, but also he devoted to the education of children of Czech compatriots ...

Kabourek, Jakub
Pravěké osídlení na Domažlicku

Domažlice is a historically and culturally rich area that is connected in the human subconscious mainly with the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. Also the prehistoric settlement of this area is not only very interesting, but very important for the historical development of West...

Cinke, Radek
Starověký Egypt ve světle výzkumů našich egyptologů

Egyptology is one of the most successful science fields in our country. In 2018, 60 years have passed since the establishment of the Institute of Egyptol-ogy. And in the year 2019 it is 100 years from the beginnings of teaching Egyptology in Czech Republic. T...

Bence, Roman
Dějiny města Třebíč v době barokních Valdštejnů

This bachelor thesis examines the history of western Moravia city Trebic during the 17th and the first half of 18th century. Examined period is connected to the famous Waldstein family, to which the city belonged in that time. The goal of this bachelor thesis is to p...

Šafanda, Petr
Kulturně-historická topografie Tachovska (zaniklé obce)

Bachelor thesis The cultural and historical topography of Tachovska (defunct villages) deals with the extinct municipalities in the border of the Tachov district from 1960. It follows the territorial-geographical development of the territory, the administrative development of Tachov and its detai...

Herda, Jiří
Německý střelecký spolek Loket (1560 - 1945)

Shooting Association in Loket was an inherent part of history of the city for almost four hundred years, from the 16th century to the first half of the 20th century. Its members attended lots of historical happenings. They participated in defense of the city during wars,&...

Čepelová, Andrea
Nižbor - dějiny hradu/zámku a panství

This bachelor thesis is about history of the castle Nižbor and its manor since their faunding till 1929. In the first part of my work there is introduction with the history of the castle which was originally built as a castle and afterwards it was rebuilt into t...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 157