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Dvorakova, Zuzana , Fedorova, Alena , Polents, Ilona
Perspectives of the implementation of human resource diversity management in Russian and Czech organizations

The human resource (HR) diversity occurs as a factor that attracts growing attention in the recent three decades seen to increase the competitiveness and effectiveness of organizations. The tendency stands in the cultural transformation of society. For organizations in Russia, it becomes...

Dvořáková, Zuzana , Polents, Ilona , Němečková, Iveta
Employment and Learning in the Context of the Quality of Working Life

The society and labor markets are preparing for the global competition with robots, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things. By addressing the bibliometric research deficit from an international literature perspective, this study explores the thematic evolution and the state of e...

Taušl Procházková, Petra , Nosková, Marta
An application of input-output analysis to social enterprises: a case of the Czech Republic

This paper aims to investigate the issue of performance measurement of social enterprises with main particular focus on economic performance approach reflecting local aspect, since the local aspect plays a significant role in social entrepreneurship concept. Thus, comparison of two instruments&#x...

Kutlák, Jiří
Expectations of Generation Z from Perspective of Employers: The Delphi Method

This paper aims to identify the factors and areas that Generation Z expects from its employers. However, these expectations are not identified by the representatives of the Z generation themselves, but by the employers themselves represented by HR specialists from Czech companies. For&#...

Zárubová, Lucie , Švecová, Lenka
Does a Difference Between Volunteers and Other People’s Focus on Self-Development Targeting Exist?

The paper deals with the topic of volunteering in the Czech Republic. The motivation of volunteers consists of several motivators that are individually different. The volunteer is not financially rewarded for their work, so it is important to know their volunteering initiative. Is ...