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Recent Submissions

Trnka, Pavel , Hornak, Jaroslav , Prosr, Pavel , Michal, Ondřej , Wang, Feipeng
Various aging processes in a paper-natural ester insulation system in the presence of copper and moisture

This article adds more information to the problem of natural ester use as an electroinsulating uid in cellulose paper-oil systems, e.g., for use in power transformers. An accelerated thermal aging (120, 140 and 160 C) of samples consisting of cellulose paper (transformerboard), a t...

Kadlec, Petr
Analýza životnosti elektroizolačních materiálů pomocí strukturálních analýz

This PhD thesis deals with the issue of electrical insulating composite materials, which are designed primarily for the cable industry and should meet the requirements for reduced flammability and overall safety of cable lines for lower voltage levels in indoor and outdoor environments....

Totzauer, Pavel
Nové diagnostické metody a postupy v elektrotechnologii

The aim of this paper is to present possible ways to improve the parameters of vegetable oils for use as electroinsulating fluids. The monitored parameters were selected due to their influence on the long-term use of vegetable oil in transformers. The thesis begins...

Hahn, Pavel
Aplikace infračervené spektroskopie s Fourierovou transformací pro analýzu elektroizolačních materiálů

The main focus of this work is an experiment dealing with transformer oil analysis during its accelerated thermal aging. The main objective was particularly the verification of the end-point criteria of oil during aging and determination of times needed to obtain these criteria. Th...

Šimota, Jan
Návrh a ověření nových metod pro optimalizace a simulace výrobních procesů se zaměřením na oblast vývoje, výroby a diagnostiky v elektrotechnice

This thesis deals with design of a methodology for risk modelling and management in electrical engineering sector. The opening part summarizes topic of process management and common used methods for their control, visualization and simulation. Further, summarizes topic of theory of risk ...