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Recent Submissions

Navrátil, Jiří
Mikrovia substráty

The thesis is focused on printed electronics, especially on utilizing unique Aerosol Jet printing technology in this field. It also describes state of art of printed electronics and a few of the most commonly used selective printing technologies today. The experimental part ...

Michal, Ondřej
Nové materiály pro dielektrické obvody elektrických zařízení

This dissertation deals with the study of the dielectric properties of novel polyester-imide resins that have been prepared and modified using nanoscale additives. The focus of this thesis is to compare conventional epoxy resins and their possible replacement by modern polyester-imide resins...

Kozák, Ondřej
Interakce vysokonapěťových elektroizolačních systémů s HVDC

This thesis deals with the partial discharges in inhomogeneous dielectric materials in an electric field. It describes basic kinds of partial discharges, fundamentals, formation and their effects on electro insulating materials. Furthermore, the thesis is devoted to measured variables, methods of...

Kuberský, Petr , Navrátil, Jiří , Syrový, Tomáš , Sedlák, Petr , Nešpůrek, Stanislav , Hamáček, Aleš
An electrochemical amperometric ethylene sensor with solid polymer electrolyte based on ionic liquid

An electrochemical amperometric ethylene sensor with solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) and semi-planar three electrode topology involving a working, pseudoreference, and counter electrode is presented. The polymer electrolyte is based on the ionic liquid 1-butyl 3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide [B...

Navrátil, Jiří , Kuberský, Petr , Sedlák, Petr , Hamáček, Aleš
Preparation of nitrogen dioxide sensor utilizing aerosol Jet Printing technology

An innovative aerosol jet printing (AJP) technology was used for the preparation of an electrochemical amperometric gas sensor for nitrogen dioxide detection. It was demonstrated that this non-contact, direct-write printing process allowed the optimization of the platinum electrode platform on a&...