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Recent Submissions

Navrátil, Jiří , Kuberský, Petr , Sedlák, Petr , Hamáček, Aleš
Preparation of nitrogen dioxide sensor utilizing aerosol Jet Printing technology

An innovative aerosol jet printing (AJP) technology was used for the preparation of an electrochemical amperometric gas sensor for nitrogen dioxide detection. It was demonstrated that this non-contact, direct-write printing process allowed the optimization of the platinum electrode platform on a&...

Šíma, Karel , Moučková, Kateřina , Hamáček, Aleš , Soukup, Radek , Komárková, Petra , Glombíková, Viera
System for testing and evaluating the thermal comfort of smart textiles clothing

This paper describes the developed system for testing and evaluating the thermal comfort of smart textiles clothing. The system is based on a hardware unit which is able to send data to the developed application for an Android smartphone over the low energy Bluetooth. The ...

Kalčík, Jan , Kalaš, David , Suchý, Stanislav , Soukup, Radek
A contact structure for the hybrid resistive embroidery threads

This publication is a follow-up to the study of an embroidered temperature sensor based on the hybrid resistive thread. It is necessary to be able to create a reliable electrical contact of the resistive thread by techniques which will be suitable for textile series production...

Šlauf, Josef , Pavec, Martin , Řeboun, Jan
Orientation of carbon nanotubes using electric field for applications of electrochemical sensors

This paper describes an initial experiment involving the action of an electric field on carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The spatial orientation of nanotubes is assumed due to the influence of electric field. An arrangement of nanotubes could provide better sensor properties of carbon nanotubes...

Hirman, Martin , Navrátil, Jiří , Steiner, František , Hamáček, Aleš
Reliability of glued SMD components on smart textile

The paper deals with temperature ageing reliability of joints glued by non-conductive adhesive (NCA) onto the conductive ribbon. The samples prepared with NCA were accelerated aged at 85°C temperature for 1000 hours. The samples were also stretched on 150% of their relaxed length d...