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Recent Submissions

Justa, Josef
Flexibilní elektronika a Smart textilie

The dissertation thesis primarily focuses on partial problems related to inertial human localization in a building without technical infrastructure. Specifically, there are two sub-problems of determining the direction of motion and determining the speed of motion. There are only few options ...

Šíma, Karel
Perspektivní elektronické součástky

This work is focused on the development of a relative humidity sensor element based on carbon allotropes for use in logistics, especially in the field of smart packaging materials. The result of the work is the relative humidity sensor element based on carbon nanotubes that&#x...

Kalaš, David
Flexibilní elektronika a smart textilie

The dissertation thesis is concerned with the novel technology of thermo-compression contacting and the realisation of interconnections of electronic components and modules with textile substrates. The introduction deals with a description of electronic contact characteristic properties and its key pa...

Benešová, Andrea
Řízení perspektivních technologických procesů v elektrotechnice

The presented dissertation is based on the current knowledge of the new industrial revolution, referred to as Industry 4.0, and is mainly focused on the issue of assessing the readiness of the digital transformation of the enterprise necessary to achieve the main vision of thi...

Navrátil, Jiří
Mikrovia substráty

The thesis is focused on printed electronics, especially on utilizing unique Aerosol Jet printing technology in this field. It also describes state of art of printed electronics and a few of the most commonly used selective printing technologies today. The experimental part ...