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Syrový, Tomáš , Maronová, Stanislava , Kuberský, Petr , Ehman, Nanci Vanesa , Vallejos, María E. , Pretl, Silvan , Felissia, Fernando E. , Area, María Cristina , Chinga-Carrasco, Gary
Wide range humidity sensors printed on biocomposite films of cellulose nanofibril and poly(ethylene glycol)

Cellulose nanofibril (CNF) films were prepared from side streams generated by the sugarcane industry, that is, bagasse. Two fractionation processes were utilized for comparison purposes: (1) soda and (2) hot water and soda pretreatments. 2,2,6,6‐Tetramethylpiperidinyl‐1‐oxyl‐mediated oxidation was applied ...

Trnka, Pavel , Trnková, Magdaléna
Správa aktiv a potřeba diagnostiky v Průmyslu 4.0

High demands on the economy of the power grids operation press the operators of electrical machinery and equipment to invest effectively to the management of the machines operation, maintenance, and renewal. At present, a number of concepts of management of important electrical machines...

Mach, Pavel , Geczy, Attila , Polanský, Radek , Bušek, David
Glass transition temperature of nanoparticle-enhanced and environmentally stressed conductive adhesive materials for electronics assembly

In our paper, the characterization of glass transition temperature (Tg) was performed for one- and two-component electrically conductive adhesive used in electronic joining technologies. Both adhesives were of the epoxy type with the silver filler. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) was used ...

Tůmová, Olga , Tůma, František
Kontrola výroby a regulační diagramy

Control diagrams belong to the group of preventive tools of quality control. In general, Shewhart control diagrams are used to control production quality but have limited validity in the real world. Therefore, we should also use other procedures that allow effective control of prod...

Sedlák, Petr , Kuberský, Petr , Mívalt, Filip
Effect of various flow rate on current fluctuations of amperometric gas sensors

The flow rate of analyte is a key parameter in the measurement system that influences response of gas sensors. The paper focuses on possibility of improved gas detection by modulation of analyte flow rate around amperometric sensors at equilibrium conditions by studying the direct&...

Kalaš, David , Pretl, Silvan , Řeboun, Jan , Soukup, Radek , Hamáček, Aleš
Towards hand model with integrated multichannel sensor system for thermal testing of protective gloves

This paper deals with the development of a temperature sensor system consisting of multiple temperature sensors integrated into a model of a human hand and a system for data collection, processing and 3D visualization. The measuring part of the system uses temperature sensors TMP05...

Steiner, František
Slovo úvodem - IMAPS flash Conference 2018

Kadlec, Petr , Polanský, Radek
Influence of UV radiation on dielectric absorption and dielectric strength of halloysite nanotubes filled polyethylene composites

This paper deals with the evaluation of the amount of filler influence and the ultraviolet (UV) radiation influence on selected dielectric properties of the innovative type of composites. These composites consist of a linear low-density polyethylene matrix and a clay filler (with differ...

Partingl, Martin , Blecha, Tomáš
Inertial navigation microsystems for indoor person navigation

This article is focused on comparison and testing of two different microsystems for an inertial navigation intended especially for places without GPS signal. These inertial navigation systems were compared with GPS system. The next research work was focused on dispersion detection from ...

Hornak, Jaroslav , Trnka, Pavel
Konstrukční návrh a realizace diagnostické jednotky pro sledování rozložení prostorového náboje v dielektrických materiálech

This paper deals with the space charge phenomenon and its diagnosis in dielectric materials, especially with the development of diagnostic unit for its measurement. Commonly used method based on electro-acoustic pulse (PEA) principle is described in this paper. Considerable attention is devo...

Krpal, Ondřej , Kučerová, Eva
Měření voltampérových charakteristik pásek a laků používaných jako ochrana před klouzavými výboji u výstupu vinutí čel synchronních generátorů

The paper deals with measurement of coatings used in end-winding of synchronous generators as a protection against sliding discharges. These discharges are due to nonlinear distribution of the electric field along the stator coil. If this protection was not applied, at the machines ...

Dončuk, Jan , Mentlík, Václav , Velek, Jiří , Ullman, Ivo
Úroveň vývoje plynů jako diagnostické hledisko stavu výkonových transformátorů

The article deals with the gas development and detection ways of the gases dissolved in oil generated during the power transformer's operation. The attention is paid mainly to generation of the gases that are characteristic for particular types of failures. The most used diagno...

Motyčka, Martin , Tůmová, Olga
Metody analýzy vhodnosti měřicích systémů

Analysis of the suitability of the measurement systems is one of the key tools used to ensure product quality. These are all methods that examine the quality of the measured data, thus assessing the suitability of use of the measuring system for a particular application. ...

Širůček, Martin , Trnka, Pavel
Detekce tepelné expozice izolačního systému olej-papír s oleji na bázi přírodních esterů

Diagnostics of insulating systems is an important approach to ensure long time and reliable operation of electrical appliances in various fields of electrical engineering. The article deals with degradation and diagnostics of oil-paper insulating systems. The systems are used especially in t...

Kochmannová, Eva
Řízení procesů z hlediska vstupní kvality nesériové výroby

Quality control system has been developed, standardized and improved especially for mass production use and can not be effectively used in a piece production automatically. This article deals with a special methodology for incoming quality control designed for small scale production processes.

Motyčka, Martin
ANOVA – Základní metoda vyhodnocování experimentů

Industrial experiments are a fundamental tool to ensure quality production. It has an essential role especially in the initial development of the product and the subsequent quality improvement. For statistical evaluation is necessary to use a systematic design of the experiment. Basic s...

Voborník, Aleš
Integrační měření s aproximačním převodníkem

This paper solved data integration from aproximation A/D converters. Observation is dedicated to normal mode rejection - NMR.

Voborník, Aleš
Přesnost analogově-digitálního převodníku v STM32 mikropočítačích

This paper analyses some features of an analog to digital converter embedded to STM32F100 microcontrolers. Observation is dedicated to embedded reference voltage, temperature sensor, linearity and noise of converter.

Rendl, Karel , Blecha, Tomáš , Herc, Ladislav , Klocker, Lukáš , Linhart, Richard , Sehnal, Petr , Steiner, František , Wirth, Václav
Multiplexer for automatic testing of multimedia units

This article deals with automatic testing of multimedia units. The aim of the work was to design and implement an automatic test system for a functional parameter measurement of multimedia units. The system was built up with the help of individual measuring devices and the...

Novák, Tomáš , Machač, Jan , Steiner, František
Usage of inert atmosphere for solderability testing

The article presents the results of solderability testing of printed circuit boards. The aim of this paper is to compare different atmospheres for solderability testing with different finishes of printed circuit boards (PCB’s). The article contains method descriptions that were used for ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 50