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Recent Submissions

Pěchoučková, Šárka
Matematika v primární škole

Mathematics plays an important role in education. Primary school pupils work with natural numbers since year one. It it therefore essential for them to already have formed a correct conception of natural numbers. Pupils can understand a natural number as a process, a concept o...

Krotký, Jan
Kreativita a inovace v produktu žáka a jeho hodnocení

The article presents a research in the area of creativity expressions. The aim of the presented research is to systematically verify the evaluating questionnaire in the environment of elementary schools, to map its problematic parts and to suggest some adjustments before it is gene...

Aichinger, Daniel
Termografie ve výuce fyziky a techniky

This paper concerns on the use of low wavelength thermal imaging in thermodynamics lessons and technical practice for school education at secondary level. The project team consisting of scientists from the New Technologies - Research Center and the Faculty of Education at the Unive...

Krotký, Jan , Kučerová, Hana
Analýza hodnocení souboru podobných výrobků vybranou skupinou evaluátorů

Results of the research focused on evaluating the pupil's product are in the article presented based on the marks of functional creativity. In particluar, the matches and gradation are noticed in the evaluation of four similar products. The evaluators group is comprised of teac...

Frank, Jan , Honzík, Lukáš
Užití programu Geogebra (nejen) ve výuce matematiky na 2. stupni ZŠ

The software of dynamic geometry GeoGebra is currently probably the most commonly used computer software in teaching mathematics at Czech elementary schools. Its main advantages are undoubtedly the environment in Czech (including manual), intuitive control and open-source licenses. Currently are ...