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Kielbusová, Zdeňka
Vizualizace proudění tekutin pomocí termokamery

Juráčková, Michaela , Krotký, Jan
Photovoltaic system in education

For my thesis, I chose the topic Photovoltaic system, its parameters and measurements. I have chosen this topic because of its topicality, since nowadays the attention is turning mainly to renewable energy sources, which have the task of less burden on the enviro...

Mitroulia, Maria , Armakolas, Stefanos , Krotký, Jan
A bibliometric analysis on research trends of distance education using scopus database

The term "Distance Education" (hereafter DE) is gaining popularity amid new global trends in cross-cultural studies of transnational education. The main objective of this article is to identify the academic research development and future research goals in the Distance...

Neverklová, Adéla , Krotký, Jan
Jewelry box

The jewellery box is a product that seeks to promote women's interest in technical education. Nowadays, technical fields are still considered a male domain and unfortunately many women do not have many opportunities to show their skills in this field. The jeweller...

Kindelmann, Tomáš , Krotký, Jan
QR codes in schools

The aim of this thesis is to create teaching materials using QR codes for secondary school teachers. The theoretical part focuses on QR codes and their use in different areas, including history, present and future potential. It also focuses on the specific uses&#...

Ungr, Tomáš , Moc, Pavel
Intelligent wiring in technical education at primary school

This work deals with intelligent wiring at home. Specifically, it investigates whether primary school students are capable of programming and using this advanced technology. A total of 10 tasks were created for the work and tested on primary school students. The tasks...

Mach, Pavel , Moc, Pavel
The view of Czech society towards firearms

Firearms are a topic of today's society in many countries, and the Czech Republic is no exception. It is still a controversial topic, but it is becoming more and more relevant for all age groups, as we encounter firearms much more than in the past&#...

Skálová, Amálie , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Krotký, Jan , Aichinger, Daniel
Environmental education at the first stage of primary school - ecological problems

The main topic of this work is how we can introduce environmental education to children in primary school, especially how to take care of our planet Earth, using modern technologies that we have at our disposal. The work contains a preface, a theoretical part, which descr...

Kaňka, Jan , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Krotký, Jan
Environmental projects and the topic of sustainable development in education

This work is partly a follow-up to the bachelor's thesis "Analysis of the Impact of the Energy Industry on the Environment", which was published in 2021 by Jan Kaňka. In the work we focus on the topic of the environment - environmental and the topic of ...

Příkazská, Irena , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Fadrhonc, Jan
Plastic materials in the context of reuse in teaching in the fifth grade

The aim of this article is to describe the theoretical part of the assigned issue from available sources and research activities and at the same time its continuity with the practical side usable at elementary school within the framework of work skills, aesthetic, civic and&#x...

Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Vasko, Kateřina
Experimenting with hydrogel at elementary school

A hydrogel is an artificially formed crosslinked polymer consisting of potassium polyacrylate. Hydrogels are a part of human’s everyday life, for example it is a part in diapers, hydrating hydrogel compresses or contact lenses. The coarse hydrogel used in the experiments is an ecol...

Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Honzík, Pavel
Modern technologies and their use in education

Virtual reality and 3D technology can be considered very nice tools for the development of young students and their engagement in teaching. The article contains a brief summary of all subspecies of 3D technologies and always describes the way in which the technology can be...

Juráčková, Michaela , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Krotký, Jan , Aichinger, Daniel
Photovoltaic system in education

For my thesis, I chose the topic Photovoltaic system, its parameters and measurements. I have chosen this topic because of its topicality, since nowadays the attention is turning mainly to renewable energy sources, which have the task of less burden on the environment. Renewable&#x...

Neverklová, Adéla , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Aichinger, Daniel
Specifics of creating instructions for internet applications for seniors

This paper focus on the basic information about seniors, who is considered a senior citizen, and where seniors can continue to receive new education and further development and self-actualize in later life. You will also find out where seniors spend the most and least time...

Bláhová, Magda , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Krotký, Jan
Online escape games in education

Escape games are used to diversify teaching, seems really enjoyable for children, but at the same time educates in a playful way. You can serve as a repetition, to discover new substances, but also as an incentive to...

Pinkrová, Zuzana , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Honzík, Lukáš , Aichinger, Daniel
Real-world relationships as binary relations

This contribution deals with real-world relationships as examples of binary relations. It studies the properties of binary relations such as reflexivity, symmetry, transitivity, … These binary relations are defined with the usage of real-life surroundings (like family, games, public transport, et...

Kohout, Jiří , Buršíková, Dana , Frank, Jan , Lukavský, Jindřich , Masopust, Pavel , Motlíková, Iva , Rohlíková, Lucie , Slavík, Jan , Stacke, Václav , Vejvodová, Jana , Voltrová, Michaela
Factors Influencing Effectiveness of Pandemic Distance Learning – Preliminary Findings From a Complex Survey

This study is focused on identification of factors affecting the effectiveness of pandemic distance learning both on the side of students and teachers. The attention is devoted also to prevalence and perceived usefulness of the individual distance learning ap...

Dostalová, Eliška , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Aichinger, Daniel
Interactive educational trail as a teaching aid

This article deals with the problem of educational trails and their use for teaching using digital technologies. The first section of the paper describes what the nature trail is and what its types are. It also discusses the possibilities of using the nature trail itself ...

Masopust, Pavel , Kohout, Jiří , Mollerová, Marie , Kielbusová, Zdeňka , Slavík, Jan , Kratochvíl, Pavel , Feřt, Lukáš
Preconceptions in Physics Among Pupils in Primary School

Significant attention has been devoted to research of the physics preconceptions among primary school children. However, the theoretical anchoring of the tenn preconcept is often insufficient and commonly used research techniques do not take into consideration the complexity of this phenomenon&#x...

Kéhar, Ota , Randa, Miroslav
Astronomická výuka

The paper was prepared as an introduction to the discussion about Education in astronomy. First part shows unfavorable results from questionnaire survey of university students about their fundamental knowledge from astronomy. Possible ways what to do with this situation will be&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 35