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Recent Submissions

Honzík, Lukáš , Frank, Jan
Mathematical courses on Children's University at Faculty of education

Game-based learning is a relatively important part of the learning process. The game itself is a strong motivational factor for the children. They are not only informed about new facts, learns new skills and gets him new experiences, but the experience of the game also wo...

Honzíková, Jarmila , Simbartl, Petr , Bajtoš, Ján
Digitální technologie jako nástroj školního podvádění na střední škole

The issue of school cheating has been a very current and discussed topic since the second half of the last century. The existing modern technologies and, in fact, an unlimited students’ access to the Internet provide new opportunities to get learning materials, to make their&#...

Pěchoučková, Šárka , Honzík, Lukáš
Cuisenairovy hranolky ve výuce matematiky na 1. stupni základní školy

Primary school children find themselves in the concrete operational stage. Thus, it is desirable for them to gain new knowledge by the means of visual perception, that is, through illustration or manipulation. Cuisenaire rods are a suitable tool for manipulation as they can be ...

Moc, Pavel
Podpora technického vzdělávání pomocí počítačem řízených strojů

The aim of the thesis is to research the attitude of pupils to Technical Education and how they are affected by learning focused on computer-controlled machines (milling machines, engraving machines, 3D printers). Questionnaires, interviews and a pedagogical experiment will be used as t...

Vachková, Iva , Kohout, Jiří
Ze světa neformálního vzdělávání

This article (editorial of monothematic issue of journal focusing on non-formal education) presents an introduction into problematic of non-formal education and related educational research in the Czech Republic.