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Recent Submissions

Kéhar, Ota , Randa, Miroslav
Astronomická výuka

The paper was prepared as an introduction to the discussion about Education in astronomy. First part shows unfavorable results from questionnaire survey of university students about their fundamental knowledge from astronomy. Possible ways what to do with this situation will be&...

Kéhar, Ota
V Plzni to vše začalo

This conference continues with its focus on astronomy education to the conference "Astronomical Education at Elementary and Secondary Schools in the 21st Century" held in June 2013 in Ruzomberok and conferences dealing with the teaching of astronomy held since the 1960...

Kohout, Jiří
Laboratorní práce ve výuce fyziky na gymnáziu

We aimed to present the results of the questionnaire survey carried out among 229 physics teachers of the grammar schools in the Czech Republic. The objective of the research was to analyse the state-of-the-art of the physics laboratories in the upper grade of Czech�...

Kielbusová, Zdeňka
10 let projektových dnů

Project teaching passes for being an effective teaching method and it had come to the idea of implementation of the preparation and realization of the project days for primary and secondary school pupils at our department in the beginning of 2009. The project days ...

Fadrhonc, Jan , Honzíková, Jarmila
Technical Subjects and Their Popularity in Context of Technical Education Support

Considering the great social demand for qualified technically oriented workers, it is necessary to develop the interest in technical fields. The article introduces research focused on mapping the current situation of (non)interest of primary-school students in technical fields and especially veri...