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Recent Submissions

Skálová, Amálie , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Krotký, Jan , Aichinger, Daniel
Environmental education at the first stage of primary school - ecological problems

The main topic of this work is how we can introduce environmental education to children in primary school, especially how to take care of our planet Earth, using modern technologies that we have at our disposal. The work contains a preface, a theoretical part, which descr...

Kaňka, Jan , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Krotký, Jan
Environmental projects and the topic of sustainable development in education

This work is partly a follow-up to the bachelor's thesis "Analysis of the Impact of the Energy Industry on the Environment", which was published in 2021 by Jan Kaňka. In the work we focus on the topic of the environment - environmental and the topic of ...

Příkazská, Irena , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Fadrhonc, Jan
Plastic materials in the context of reuse in teaching in the fifth grade

The aim of this article is to describe the theoretical part of the assigned issue from available sources and research activities and at the same time its continuity with the practical side usable at elementary school within the framework of work skills, aesthetic, civic and&#x...

Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Vasko, Kateřina
Experimenting with hydrogel at elementary school

A hydrogel is an artificially formed crosslinked polymer consisting of potassium polyacrylate. Hydrogels are a part of human’s everyday life, for example it is a part in diapers, hydrating hydrogel compresses or contact lenses. The coarse hydrogel used in the experiments is an ecol...

Juráčková, Michaela , Panagiotakopoulos, C. , Krotký, Jan , Aichinger, Daniel
Photovoltaic system in education

For my thesis, I chose the topic Photovoltaic system, its parameters and measurements. I have chosen this topic because of its topicality, since nowadays the attention is turning mainly to renewable energy sources, which have the task of less burden on the environment. Renewable&#x...