Katedra matematiky, fyziky a technické výchovy / Department of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Education


Recent Submissions

Kohout, Jiří , Mollerová, Marie , Masopust, Pavel , Feřt, Lukáš , Kéhar, Ota , Slavík, Jan
Critical spots in physics educa - tion in lower-secondary schools – introduction into discussion and research options

The presented theoretical study represents an introduction into the topic of critical spots of physics curriculum in lower- secondary schools. The philosophical-methodological background of planned empirical research is provided and discussed in context...

Kotková, Pavlína , Pěchoučková, Šárka
Využití pracovních činností ve výuce matematiky na 1. stupni

Mathematics is applied in many fields of human society. At elementary school we can integrate it with other subjects. We will focus on linking mathematics and work activities. The goal will be to create tools that we will use in teaching mathematics in some grades of ...

Pěchoučková, Šárka
Strategie žáků 1. a 2. ročníku základní školy při reprezentaci některých přirozených čísel

A laboratory experiment was carried out with the same sample of first-year and subsequently second-year learners with the objective to discover strategies used by first-year learners during the enactive representation of natural numbers 4, 5, 6, 9 and 11 and by second-year learners ...

Honzík, Lukáš , Frank, Jan
Examination of properties and important elements of binary operations in future mathematics teachers’ education

In order to prepare our students – future teachers of mathematics for potential problems, their pupils may encounter in math classes when working with binary operations, such as addition, multiplication, etc., subjects Elementary Algebra and Mathematics and Its Teaching Methodology are inclu...

Remiš, Tomáš
Fyzikální vlastnosti membrán pro palivové články ve výuce v základním vysokoškolském kurzu

The primary goal of thesis is to summarize current knowledge about renewable energy sources, especially fuel cells, which will be used in teaching. This topic must be sufficiently detailed and clear at the same time. It must comply with the requirements for topic by teachers&#...