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Pešková, Michaela , Mišterová, Ivona
Current Geopolitical Processes as a Methodological Opportunity for (Literary) Imagology

The article proposes a hypothesis that traditional imagological concepts are no longer sufficient for interpreting the current and recent “imagological situation”. The authors argue that given the significant changes in the geopolitical ordering of the world in the post-imperial period, it i...

Pešková, Michaela
Strategie kosmopolitní versus regionální identity jako dialog se současným světem na příkladu Sorokinových hrdinů

The article describes the formation of the personal identity of the heroes of Vladimir Sorokin‘s novels Day of the Oprichnik, Teluria and Manaraga, either as cosmopolitan or as a regional strategy for survival in the changing&...

Artemov, Andrej
Semanticheskiye osobennosti leksem s elementom hrad/grad/gorod v cheshskom i russkom yazykakh (na materiale natsional'nykh korpusov)

Dzhyndzholiia, Gigla
Aspekty èvoljuciji idiostilja B. Pasternaka

Artemov, Andrej
Zdroje galicismů v české a ruské fortifikační terminologii v 18. století. Historický a politický kontext problematiky

The paper presents the situation in the field of fortification, which took place in the 18th century. Thanks to the active work of French engineers, fortification terminology throughout Europe was filled with numerous Galicianisms, which were widely adopted in all European languages. In...